he receives a fine of 350 euros even though his car can drive in a low-emission zone, “it’s truly scandalous!”

Brussels Taxation has been showing all the colors to Frantz, from Enghien, for almost a year, as our colleagues from RTL Info tell us. It all started in April 2022, with a first letter telling him that he could not drive in a low emission zone with a Euro 4 vehicle. “I received a first warning that I was driving in a low emission zone and that I risked a fine of 350 euros,” he explains. “I then sent all the documents concerning my vehicle which is a Euro 6.”

Despite this first protest, another warning came to him. He then went to explain himself in the offices of the Sylle and Dendre police zone. Everything was supposed to be back to normal, but he did receive a fine on November 25. “I was also told that I had to pay the fine and that they made a ticket with my complaint,” adds the resident of Enghien. “At a time when every penny counts, this is truly outrageous. »

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Contacted by RTL Info, the Brussels Taxation administration justified itself by mentioning “a bug that impacted the registration of new vehicles between 2018 and 2019.”

It should be noted that the low-emissions zone will prohibit, from 1 January 2025, the circulation of Euro 5 standard diesel vehicles and Euro 2 standard petrol vehicles.

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