“Exploring the World of Unique and Flavorful Coffee Recipes: From Olive Oil to Cheese to Egg Coffee”

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There are many original coffee recipes around the world that include various ingredients to flavor them. It appears to have once again caught the attention of food reviewers according to international websites in terms of the drink. ‘identity’ consumption culture after ‘Starbucks’ Giant international coffee chain new drink launch ‘Oliaato’ (Oleato) by capturing two of Italy’s best food and beverages like ‘coffee’ with ‘Olive Oil’ Let’s mix together Create a new menu for the restaurant last February.

coffee x olive oil recipe of Starbucks which creates quite a surprise for drinkers or even the brand’s own FC It’s not considered a new drink recipe. because it has been done for a long time in households in Italy, especially ‘Isle of Sicily’ and ‘Mediterranean’ However, Starbucks’ goal is clear: to attract more local customers to its stores.

Because everyone knows that this American coffee chain hasn’t had the success it deserves in a country with a strong coffee culture like Italy. But when wanting to be beautiful I need to find some help.

identity of sicily ‘Oliato’ coffee mixed with olive oil New Starbucks menu (Pictured: Starbucks)

Ingredients in coffee drinks such as honey, granulated sugar, fresh milk, whipped cream, cocoa powder or chocolate. commonly found all over the world until becoming ‘main ingredient’ already at the standard level Lately, more fruit juices have been added as coffel coffee. These blended drinks are all sold in cafes around the world. And then do a lot of them in the houses, called home cafes.

But there are many other ingredients, ranging from cheese, eggs. and spices to whiskey which when used to make coffee have a very high local identity It has been brewed at home for decades. Of course, the coffee that represents these local identities. It existed long before the business was born. ‘flavored coffee’ (infused coffee) that uses natural flavoring agents and synthetic flavoring agents. to increase the clarity of the current coffee flavor

What kind of flavor?  add 'identity' to your favorite cup of coffee Black coffee with sweetened condensed milk Extremely popular in ASEAN and Spain (Photo: Charlie Waradee)

@ Sweetened condensed milk in ASEAN-Spanish coffee

It’s a throwback menu. From ASEAN to Spain….Although sweetened condensed milk is considered a type of milk, it is not used as an ingredient in coffee anywhere in the world. But the most popular is seen to be our Southeast Asia. The sweetness of the milk contrasts with the bitterness of the coffee. create a mellow and balanced taste that has been familiar for a long time from the past from the menu ‘Kopi’ (kopi) which is converted from the word coffee, ancient hot coffee with sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of the glass. It has been sold for a long time in the style shop. ‘Kopitiam’ of ASEAN such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Vietnam also has coffee with sweetened condensed milk that comes with a filter set. Originally used Robusta coffee. but later pulled the Arabica strain to blend This menu is quite familiar to Thai people. Because it is sold in many stores in our house, collectively known as ‘Vietnamese drip coffee’

In Spain, there is also coffee with sweetened condensed milk, called ‘Cafe Bombon’ (cafe bombon) is a famous signature dish of Valencia. A tourist city with a coastline next to the Mediterranean Sea. It is well known in the world of coffee.

However, there are some differences between Kopee Coffee and Cafe Bombon. Because Cafe Bombon uses coffee from an espresso machine. Southeast Asia uses traditional roasted coffee. Brewed with a drip method with a cloth bag as we are familiar with since childhood

What kind of flavor?  add 'identity' to your favorite cup of coffee Turkish coffee creates a flavor identity. with spices such as cloves, cardamom and cinnamon (Photo: pexels.com/Onder Ortel)

@ Arabic-Turkish popular with spice-flavored coffee

Many kinds of spices such as Clove, cardamom, saffron, nutmeg and cinnamon It is widely used in coffee blends in the Arab world, North Africa and Turkey to help bring flavors closer to the flavor of spiced food, which has become a global cultural norm. On the other hand, it helps to reduce the bitterness of very dark roasted coffee.

Arabic and Turkish coffee brewing that has been passed down from the past to the present. It is a method of brewing coffee using a small pot with a long handle called ‘Cheswell’(Cezve) or ‘Ibrik’ (Ibrik) uses very finely ground coffee beans. Do not use filters or coffee filters. And the type of spices added depends on the popularity of each area. Some local regions add many spices like in Morocco.

This style of coffee gives a very intense and strong taste like the mother’s. Served in a small cup made of ceramic called ‘finjan’

Let’s go to Mexico This country’s native brewed coffee has one name. ‘Cafe De Olla’ (Café de Olla) is also spiced, mostly cinnamon. and then filled with unprocessed cane molasses Some recipes include Mexican kahlua liqueur.

What kind of flavor?  add 'identity' to your favorite cup of coffee ‘Cafe de Olla’ coffee identity of Mexico with traditional patterned earthenware cups (Image: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ProtoplasmaKid)

@ Cheese coffee hits Scandinavia

Adding whole milk or cream to coffee is common around the world. but in Scandinavia ‘cheese’ or ‘Cheese’ was chosen to add to the coffee It’s called ‘Caffeust’ (Kaffeost) or cheese coffee, where cheese is cut into small pieces in a glass before pouring black coffee. You can drink both coffee and cheese in your mouth. The dish originated in Finland before spreading to Sweden and beyond. of Scandinavia Popular use of cheese bread made from cow’s milk.

For some coffee lovers, cheese soaked in coffee feels weird, so some recipes recommend soaking cheese in coffee for a while and scooping it out. When this is the case, you can pick up some cheese to eat after coffee. or as a side dish for coffee

in Ethiopia, Yemen and India hundreds of years ago. local people there will use ‘ghee’or ‘Ney Ghee‘ (ghee) added to the coffee as well. Ghee is butter made by extracting milk and water until it becomes butter fat. In 2013, an American businessman opened Bulletproof Coffee Company, selling coffee blended with ghee and coconut oil. Makes this coffee trend start to get stronger.

What kind of flavor?  add 'identity' to your favorite cup of coffee ‘Caffe Ust’ or coffee with cheese or cheese Drink a lot in Scandinavia. (Photo: instagram.com/coolyeticoffee)

@ Irish coffee, world-class strong cocktails

Even though it’s not the world’s first coffee blended with liquor. But if mentioned ‘Irish Coffee’ (Irish coffee) A coffee cocktail recipe with hot coffee, granulated sugar, Irish whiskey and a rich creamy foam on top…this is the world’s most popular coffee and whiskey blend.

Irish Coffee originated in the early 1940s from the creativity of ‘Joe Sheridan’ Executive Chef at the airport terminal of a commercial airport in County Limerick, southwest of Dublin. The story goes that…one winter night Many passengers need a drink to keep them warm and alert after bad weather, so Sheridan, who runs the terminal’s coffee shop, is here. trying to figure out how to help therefore adding whiskey to hot coffee Add a little sugar Add whipped cream to satisfy American tongues. and then served to the passengers.

This menu is served in a tall crystal glass. There is a layer of creamy foam on top. This contrasts with the dark brown of the whiskey blended coffee that extends below. When you sip through the thick creamy foam, this is the highlight. If the original is Jameson Irish whiskey.

What kind of flavor?  add 'identity' to your favorite cup of coffee Iris Coffee, the most famous coffee cocktail in the beverage world (Image : xql051016 from Pixabay)

@ Egg coffee…a national dish

Some people love this dish so much that they say it’s the perfect combination of two ingredients: coffee and eggs. Some people are bored of the same old coffee taste and want to add something new, so they turn to try it. ‘Egg Coffee’ (egg coffee), which when you try it will continue or stop at this It depends on each person’s taste.

In fact, the egg coffee menu is not a new menu either. long enough and then made to drink in many countries, especially ‘Scandinavian group’ It’s popular to break eggs into glass with shells. Yes, use both egg whites, yolks and eggshells before adding hot coffee and stirring together. But some recipes don’t ask for egg shells. Afraid that the coffee is stuck in the throat or how, I don’t know.

But the one that seems to be the most famous is not out of the question. ‘Vietnam Egg Coffee’ It was invented in the 1940s during the war between Vietnam and France. Making milk used to flavor coffee was very rare at that time. Instead, fresh eggs were introduced, using only the yolks. followed by ingredients like cheese name it ‘middle song’ Pronounced in Thai as ‘Ka-Fee-Jung’ later developed into a national coffee menu

What kind of flavor?  add 'identity' to your favorite cup of coffee

Egg coffee, the national dish of Vietnam Well known throughout the world (Photo: facebook.com/cafegiang.vn)

Small drinks are popular in some areas. but big side ‘identity’ When considering the point of selling food and beverage culture. It is no different from a magnet that attracts tourists into the country in another way.

As the pioneer of ground coffee and the world’s premier coffee retailer, Starbucks has taken ‘Coffee mixed with olive oil’ which is a drink that shows the identity of the Sicilian people can be offered as a special menu served to customers So why can’t other cafes use this marketing strategy?

I’m not sure… the traditional flavored coffee might get a chance. ‘Starred’ It can be a standout menu of a famous restaurant, either in a long term or as an occasional occasion for certain festivals… This is a purely personal opinion of the author.

Who would say that I was imagining that I would accept it? But it’s worth trying, isn’t it? Because the number one coffee chain in the world has already made it look like a sight!

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