“The Last Imperial War: The Role of British Royalty in Ukraine-Russia Conflict”

2023-05-15 16:54:00

“Thanong Khanthong” pointed out that the British royal family came forward to support Ukraine to fight Russia. as if it was a deciding factor for the future survival of the empire. Indicated since the past England had to keep preventing the prosperity of Germany – Russia, fearing to become the dominant of Europe.

On May 15, 2023, Mr. Thanong Khanthong, foreign news expert Participate in the discussion on “Khon Kao Khao” program broadcast on satellite television station “News One” on the topic of “The Last Imperial War: The British Royal Family Supports Ukraine in Battle of Russia”.

Mr. Thanong said during a period that British Royal Family Shows Support for Ukraine The Church too, at the end of March, King Charles III made an official visit to Germany. to encourage Germany to support Ukraine in war with Russia

England saw itself as an empire. and sees Germany and Russia as rivals Germany is much stronger than England. In the field of technology industry, if Germany joins hands with Russia would make both countries dominate Europe England, therefore, had to intercept these two countries from the past to the present.

The case of the Ukrainian-German war dilemma Rely on natural gas, oil, trade with Russia. and has investments in China The Ukrainian war cut off ties with Russia and China. And there is also a call from America for Germany to send tanks to help Ukraine. hesitate to hesitate in the end had to agree

Many people believe that the British royal family is not involved in politics, in fact deeply involved. England usually acts ingeniously in pursuing its policies. But surprisingly, the case of Ukraine. England gave it their all As if Ukraine, being a proxy war, was a decisive factor in the future survival of the empire. England is now not in a roundabout way anymore. The royal family had to play directly.

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