Explosive Clash in Parliament: Chaithawat vs. Settha Thaweesin – Hot Issues Unveiled

2023-10-27 08:33:14

Hot issues straight from the parliamentary meeting After yesterday (26 Oct. 2023) Settha Thaweesin The Prime Minister enters Parliament to answer a live thread for the first time. By answering every topic except for “Chaithawat Tulathon“The party leader has advanced. which asked questions to the Prime Minister on 3 issues, resulting in a heated debate in the House of Representatives and spread outside the parliament When Chaithawat posted a message pointing out The Prime Minister’s behavior may fall into the category of “Prayut thought, Settha did it, the robber ordered.

Sanook summarizes the hot issue between “Chaithawat” and “Seththa” for everyone.

The Prime Minister did not reply to Chaithawat’s thread.

This event It happened after Chaithawat asked 3 questions to the Prime Minister, but the 2nd Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives informed the meeting that the Prime Minister Has assigned Pol. Col. Thawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice Be the answerer instead Causing Chaithawat to stand up and discuss with the president of the council. stated that he was aware that 1 member from the opposition party and 1 member of the coalition party also posted a live question to the Prime Minister, but it appeared that the Prime Minister chose to answer the live question thread of the 2 members, but instead assigned it to a minister who was not related to the issue being asked about Come be the answerer instead.

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“Wirot – Parit” join hands to fight

As for Wirot Lakkhana Adisorn, MP for the Kao Klai Party, he also asked to discuss and asked why, when the Prime Minister is already at Parliament. You should answer the topic clearly. Or if there is a necessity, you should draft the book now. Do not suddenly assign someone else to answer questions for you. The Speaker of the Council informed that the Prime Minister had already sent a letter informing of the assignment.

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As well as Parit Watcharasindhu, Party list MP of the Move Forward Party, he also discussed Regulation No. 151, which states that the Prime Minister May not come to answer questions if there is an unavoidable necessity. However, reasons must be given in writing. However, Parit is of the view that there has not yet been a necessary notification in the letter. which caused protests to alternate between Government MPs and Progressive Party MPs But in the end, the Speaker of the House confirmed in his judgment that the Prime Minister had acted correctly according to the regulations.

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“Chaithawat” hits hard against “Seththa”

After the meeting Chaithawat posted a message through X (X) criticizing the Prime Minister’s behavior, stating:

“Today it is clear that the Prime Minister Intentionally not answering live Q&A threads of the Progressive Party I want to answer live questions only that I have prepared to answer or create for government advertisements only. Really, the main point of the problem that I want to ask the Prime Minister. It will also involve the use of power in the style of “Prayut thinks, the rich does, the robber orders”.”

“It’s disappointing that Mr. Settha Dare to use power in a manner that may be illegal. Neglecting the performance of duties that should protect public interests. and beneficial to the people But did not dare to face scrutiny from the opposition in the House of Representatives. I purposely did not come to answer Kaoklai’s live Q&A thread. Then you can come in and answer other questions at the same time.”

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