“Extortion through False Paranormal Abilities: Malayali Man Arrested for Taking 2 Crore Rupees from Chennai Resident”

2023-05-12 17:45:15

Chennai: A Malayali man has been arrested for extorting two crore rupees from the hand of a Chennai resident by making him believe that he can talk to the souls of the dead. The incident took place between 2015 and 2019. Subramani (52) was arrested on the complaint of a person named Gautam Sivagami (52). The case was registered in 2022 but he was absconding after not getting anticipatory bail.

In 2005, while working in a private company in Nigeria, Gautam Sivagami, a native of Egmore, Chennai, met Subramani. The two quickly became close and the families became on good terms. Subramani visited Sivagami’s house several times after both returned home from Nigeria.

Subramani even confided that she used to talk to Sivagami’s dead mother at one point. Subramani also believed that he used to talk to the spirit of Sai Baba. Sivagami told the police that he took out ash and lemon from the image of the deity while performing the puja and later realized that it was all just trickery. Sivagami said that two crores of rupees were extorted from his hands by making various promises and even after asking him to return the money, he did not give it. Subramani was produced in the court in Chennai and remanded in judicial custody.

English Summary: In Chennai, man cons pal of Rs 2 crore claiming to talk to Sai Baba’s soul

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