Fall in prices at petrol stations in Germany

Fuel price in Germany

Significant price drop at the gas station

According to the ADAC, prices at the pump have fallen significantly since last week. The ADAC recommends motorists to compare prices before filling up.

A liter of petrol currently costs 1.75 euros on average nationwide, which is 3.9 cents less than in the previous week, as the ADAC announced on Wednesday. The price of diesel fell by 3.5 cents to an average of 1.928 euros. According to the ADAC, the reason for the current price decline is the lower crude oil prices.

However, there can still be “no question of an easing of the situation,” said the ADAC. In particular, the currently valid tank discount is responsible for lowering the price level. The temporary tax reduction lowers the price of petrol by a total of 35 cents per liter – but this amount will be added again from September 1st when the tank discount ends.

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