Fans Gather in Düsseldorf City Hall to Welcome Prince Harry: A Celebration of Support and Admiration

2023-09-09 12:58:00

In the blazing sun, fans of Prince Harry took a stand in front of Düsseldorf City Hall on Saturday hours before his expected arrival. Madeleine (20), for example, had brought a poster with her that read: “Harry – I came all the way to take a photo with you.” “I think “Harry represents values ​​that should be stood up for,” said Madeleine. “He takes care of ex-soldiers. He deals with them. He travels there and looks at it, how can you help.”

Harry arrived in Düsseldorf on Friday to open the Invictus Games he founded for war-disabled soldiers on Saturday evening. Before that, he wanted to attend a reception in the town hall.

Denise traveled with her two children, aged 14 and 12, from Dresden to the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital. Everything just for Harry. The children were even given Friday off school so that they could make the trip, she said. “I’ve always liked him. How he stands out so much. That he does his own thing. Now we want to at least see him and hopefully shake his hand, that would be my biggest dream.” On the other hand, she likes his wife Meghan less. The former actress also wants to come to Düsseldorf next week.

Kathrin (30) from Gelsenkirchen developed a passion for England through bilingual school lessons and was even present at the coronation celebrations for Charles in London. It was “great,” she said, “super organized.” Now she’s hoping for “a selfie, maybe an autograph – I’m open to that.”

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Lenka (73), who protected herself from the sun with an umbrella, also hoped for a personal greeting. “This is my angel,” she said of Harry. “I would like to see him alive. Very sweet. I’m so sorry. That he experienced so much suffering in his childhood.” It is so bad to lose your mother as a child.

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