“Fascist action” – Schwesig attacks vaccine opponents – domestic politics


Meck-Pomm Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (47, SPD) defended the corona policy of her state government in a letter to the members of her party and sharply attacked vaccine opponents.

The responsibility for the difficult situation in the fourth corona wave lies “in particular due to a group of unvaccinated people who are still too large,” he quotes “Nordkurier” from the Schwesig letter.

Unvaccinated people would get corona more often and more severely, so the risk of infection is also higher. “That is a fact and speaking out about this fact has nothing to do with division or stigmatization,” the Prime Minister continued.

Violence during corona protests

So far, so good, but then comes tough stuff: In her letter, Schwesig attacks parts of the protest movement against the Corona measures with charged words:

“There is a radicalizing group that accuses the state of fascist action, but uses such methods itself”. Boom!

So-called corona deniers would avoid any factual discussion and instead use threats and violence to enforce their demands.

Explosive: At the beginning of December, the police stopped a protest march with around 400 participants on the way to Schwesig’s private apartment.


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