Fathers and mothers can now access their children’s vaccination card on the Mi Argentina website

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Mothers and fathers already have the possibility of viewing the COVID-19 digital vaccination card of their children under 18 years of age. To do so, they must enter the web version of Mi Argentina with a validated identity, have accepted the terms and conditions, and then associate the ID number of the minors to their profiles one time from the “My account” section.

The linking of daughters and sons to view the digital vaccination card against COVID-19 can be processed by both fathers/mothers simultaneously, each one from their own profile in My Argentina. Once the parental relationship has been verified by the National Registry of Persons (Renaper), the corresponding credential will be accessed on the Mi Argentina website, My Health section. The digital vaccination card is also available for download in PDF and will soon be displayed in the Mi Argentina app.

The bilingual and international credential of Mi Argentina is the official digital document to accredit vaccination against COVID-19 abroad, as reported by the national government to world chancelleries, migration directorates and border health authorities in September 2021; and it is generated with the data reported by each of the country’s jurisdictions in the Nominalized Federal Vaccination Registry (NOMIVAC).

How to request the digital vaccination card for children

1) Log in to the web https://mi.argentina.gob.ar/. Verify that the account is validated and have accepted terms and conditions.

2) Enter the section My account / Associated children on the Mi Argentina website https://mi.argentina.gob.ar/

3) Complete the DNI number of the person under 18 years of age to verify the relationship with Renaper. Once the Renaper verifies the filial relationship, the DNI will be linked to the profile of the father/mother. In the Associated children section you can see the list of the associated children.

4) Once the children are associated, the owner of the profile will be able to: see the data of the minor; access the vaccination certificate and/or unlink the boy or girl from her profile, if required.

The digital vaccination card can also be accessed from the Mi Salud/Covid19 section of the Mi Argentina website. There, the list of associated children and the corresponding digital certificate are displayed. As in the credentials of the elderly, the document has all the information on the doses applied (name of the vaccine, batch, dose and place of application).

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