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Original title: Guangdong: Big data empowers tax rebate dividends to directly benefit Guangdong enterprises

Information Times (reporter)Liang Haixiang correspondentYue Ruixuan)On April 1, the large-scale tax refund policy was officially implemented, and many companies submitted tax refund applications to the tax authorities and enjoyed the state’s tax refund “gift package”. The Guangdong tax department has shifted from “preparation” to “actual combat”, and implemented tax and fee concessions without compromise, allowing enterprises to easily and quickly obtain tax rebates and bonuses, and assisting the development of enterprises’ bailouts.

New Deal priority“Precision drip irrigation” small and micro enterprises

The tax rebate is that the state actually refunds the tax in the form of “real money” to the enterprise with the remaining balance, which directly increases the immediate income of the enterprise and allows the enterprise to “run lightly” in production and operation.

The relevant person in charge of the Goods and Labor Tax Division of the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation told reporters that although the tax refund is inclusive, for individuals, the amount of tax refund is directly related to the scale of the company’s early investment and business status. Taxpayers in industries such as small and micro enterprises and manufacturing can apply for a full monthly refund of the incremental VAT credits, and can apply for a one-time refund of the existing VAT credits by different types and stages. Through the method of “precise drip irrigation”, it focuses on enterprises that are in the expansion period and in urgent need of financial support, and plays a role in helping, overcoming difficulties and helping them all the way, which can effectively increase the confidence, courage and confidence of enterprise development. .

Guangdong Yangfan Tempeh Co., Ltd., a micro-manufacturing enterprise in Yangjiang, is an enterprise mainly engaged in the processing of tempeh. On the morning of April 1, the company received a “red envelope” of nearly 2.05 million yuan in tax rebates. Ou Yanhong, the person in charge of corporate finance, calculated the detailed account: “Before the implementation of the new policy, our company could only enjoy a 60% incremental tax rebate, and the incremental tax refund for 6 consecutive months was not low. The limit of 500,000 yuan. After the implementation of the new policy, our company can avoid these two restrictions and get an additional tax refund of nearly 820,000 yuan. The tax department has handled the tax refund for us, and the extra tax refund funds will be used for our small and micro enterprises. It is really timely and reassuring to ease our financial pressure.”

combined“Precision service” to ensure that dividends can be enjoyed directly and quickly

In order to ensure that the remaining tax refunds go directly to taxpayers, the taxation department of Guangdong Province has organized a number of video “live-streamed” taxation tutoring classes by classification, batches and installments to provide online tutoring for taxpayers in various industries on the remaining tax refund policies, and Through the electronic tax bureau, SMS notification, telephone counseling, precise push of tax enterprise WeChat group, and designated person for specific industries and key enterprises to provide guidance on a door-to-door basis, the point-to-face combination is used to ensure that taxpayers “understand the policy” with “warm” services. , can operate, enjoy quickly”.

“It’s too fast!” Huang Xiaorong, an accountant of Zhongshan Zhonghuan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. sighed, “I know that a large-scale tax refund will be implemented on April 1. I completed the declaration at 11:30 in the morning, and then applied for the tax refund according to the system prompt. , I received a refund of 3016.89 yuan in the company account after 12:00.”

This year’s tax rebate is expected to increase the number of market players across the country1.5 trillion yuan in cash flow, helping enterprises to launch lightly in production and operation.

Big Data “Precision Focus” Helps Enjoy Enjoy

This year, the implementation of large-scale tax rebates with tax credits has a large scale and volume, covers many subjects, has a long work chain, and involves a wide range of departments, and the workload of policy implementation is large. It is understood that in the first month of the implementation of the new policy, the number of taxpayers who can apply for tax refunds in the province has increased by more than 240 times compared with the same period last year.

“Relying on tax big data, we have conducted a comprehensive assessment and calculation, and effectively checked out the ‘four accounts’ of enterprise planning, industry identification, tax credit, and withdrawal funds, and screened out the taxpayers that may meet the conditions for tax refund through historical declaration data. There are 180,000 households with 180,000 people, and the relevant tax information is pushed through the electronic tax bureau point-to-point.” The relevant person in charge of the goods and labor tax department of the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau said, “The executive meeting of the State Council has determined the implementation of large-scale value-added tax credit and tax refund policy arrangements. We immediately set up a special working group, innovated and established four mechanisms including two-way direct contact, reverse reservation, prior inspection, and quick response, and proactively connected with the provincial finance, the People’s Bank of China and other departments, and worked together to improve the speed of tax refunds. “

After Mr. Pan, a financial officer of Foshan Tiantian Property Management Service Co., Ltd., completed the declaration of value-added tax and additional taxes for the current period in March, the Electronic Taxation Bureau popped up a reminder that he might meet the conditions for micro-enterprise tax credits, and then he submitted an application for tax credits.

Mr. Pan praised the convenience and speed of the process of applying for the tax refund: “You only need to fill out a form, no need to submit other information. Moreover, the system can provide data pre-filling and automatic judgment of the deduction standard, and the input deduction ratio does not need to be slow. Slow calculation.” Mr. Pan also received a tax rebate of 35,100 yuan on April 1.In this regard, Mr. Pan said: “Because the tax credits formed by the purchase of shops in the early stage have not been fully digested, the credits are now directly in the pocket., very powerful. “Return to Sohu, see more


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