UBS buys Credit Suisse for CHF 2 billion

Zurich, Frankfurt The struggle for the future of Credit Suisse is over: UBS takes over the second largest Swiss bank. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is supporting the emergency merger with liquidity assistance amounting to CHF 100 billion, as the government, financial regulator and the two banks announced in a joint press conference. UBS pays … Read more

Xinjiang has achieved 25.92 billion yuan in tax rebates, six industries have benefited significantly_Taxpayers_Enterprises_Tax

2022-06-04 20:53 source:bortara Original title: Xinjiang has achieved a tax rebate of 25.92 billion yuan and six industries have benefited significantly Tianshan Net-Xinjiang Daily News (Reported by Shi Xinfeng) Since the implementation of the State Council’s new combined tax and fee support policy on April 1, up to now, Xinjiang has refunded 25.92 billion yuan … Read more

Guangdong: Big data empowers tax refund dividends to directly benefit Guangdong enterprises_Enterprise_Taxpayer_Department

Original title: Guangdong: Big data empowers tax rebate dividends to directly benefit Guangdong enterprises Information Times (reporter)Liang Haixiang correspondentYue Ruixuan)On April 1, the large-scale tax refund policy was officially implemented, and many companies submitted tax refund applications to the tax authorities and enjoyed the state’s tax refund “gift package”. The Guangdong tax department has shifted … Read more

Bank apparently had autocrats and criminals as customers

Swiss credit Over 30,000 account records have been evaluated by an international network of journalists. (Photo: dpa) Zürich According to a media report, the Swiss bank Credit Suisse has accepted autocrats, drug dealers and suspected war criminals and human traffickers as customers for years. According to research by the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, this is confirmed by … Read more

Interest is to be linked to the Buba base rate in the future

Interest is to be linked to the Buba base rate in the future

euro coin In August, the Federal Constitutional Court declared the applicable interest rate of 0.5 percent per month and 6.0 percent per year to be unconstitutional. (Foto: imago images/Future Image) Berlin The Federal Ministry of Finance has set out key points on how it intends to implement the reduction in the hitherto high interest rates on … Read more