Fathers and Sons: The Legend of Zheng Ce and Zheng Yuanjing in International Checkers

2023-10-27 15:19:40

Text/picture from Sichuan Online reporter Xue Jian from Hefei

As the saying goes, brothers fight against tigers, and father and son fight in battle. On October 27, the 5th National Intellectual Games continued to be held in Hefei City, Anhui Province. Among the participating Sichuan International Checkers Team, the father and son team of Zheng Ce and Zheng Yuanjing joined forces and became a legend.

Zheng Ce, Zheng Yuanjing and his son

Checks is an ancient chess game, while international checkers is an intellectual sport evolved on the basis of checkers rules from around the world. It combines science, competition, confrontation, complexity and fun, and is gradually becoming more and more popular around the world. Popularized within the scope. However, compared to the chess sports of Go, Xiangqi, Chess, and Backgammon, international draughts started relatively late in our country. It only entered my country around 2007. Most of the final athletes switched careers from other chess sports. Zheng Ce, a professional three-dan player, started his international draughts career in this way.

Many people don’t know that Zheng Ce was once a “great god” in the domestic international checkers world. Born in 1983, he started learning Go at the age of 5 and later became a professional third-dan Go player. In 2003 and 2004, he represented the Sichuan Jiaozi team in the National Go League. In 2005, he was admitted to the Japanese Language Major of Shanghai International Studies University. In the same year, he won the “Yingshi Cup” National College Student Go Championship. After graduation, he served as the Go coach of the Chengdu Chess Academy. In 2008, he switched to playing draughts, became the captain of the Sichuan team, and won the National Open individual championship in 2009. In fact, his professionalism and experience in playing Go for many years enabled him to make rapid progress after being exposed to international draughts, and he soon became one of the top players in the country.

In May 2009, in the 100-square final of the first National International Drafts Open, Zheng Ce defeated Hubei teenager Zeng Qianrang, not only winning his first national championship, but also winning the first ever title for Chess City. National jumping champion. In 2010, he defeated Russian player Chetsov, a 10-time world champion. This was the first time a Chinese player defeated the world champion in an official slow chess competition. He became the first main force of the Chinese team. Zheng Ce joined the national team within half a year of his career change. In just two years, at the age of 27, he became the “National Jumping King”, which cannot but be said to be a miracle.

Beginning in 2013, Zheng Ce began to gradually fade out of the competition after taking charge of the competition affairs of the Chengdu Chess Academy Competition Department.

This is the fifth time that Zheng Ce has appeared as an athlete in the National Mind Games. However, compared to the previous solo competitions, this time he brought his son Zheng Yuanjing with him. Zheng Yuanjing, who just turned 8 years old this year, started playing draughts under the guidance of her father at the age of 4. At the age of 5, she systematically learned draughts under the guidance of two teachers from the Chengdu Chess Academy, Gao Shengjian and Liu Guoyuan. At the age of 6, she won the Chengdu Young Ya Cup. Class Championship Checkers Toddler Division Champion. Since the age of 7, he has remained undefeated in the third grade and below primary school competitions in Chengdu City and Sichuan Province. He has won the U8 Group Championship of the 2022 Chengdu Young Ya Cup Chess Championship, and the International Checkers Group C Individual and Team of the Second Mind Games of Sichuan Province. gold medal.

This year, Zheng Yuanjing began to get involved in national competitions. He has won the second place in the 8-year-old group of the Midwest International Drafts Youth Championship and the third place in the U10 group of the Nankai Cup National International Drafts Open. Although this was the first time for the children to participate in the National Intellectual Games, their performance was quite mature. When competing against players who were five or six years older than him, he played steadily and did not make any aggressive moves. Especially in the fourth round on the afternoon of October 27, he defeated Yu Shunxing from Heilongjiang and got his first taste of victory.

Zheng Ce performed poorly in the afternoon game on October 27 and lost to Beijing’s Xu Xinhao, suffering his third defeat at this Smart Games. However, Zheng Ce, who lost the chess game, was still very happy to see his son get his first victory in the Intellectual Games. “After all, this time he is competing against other older chess players. The focus is on participating to accumulate experience and improve confidence. This time is to lay the foundation for him to compete in the U14 group of the 6th National Mind Games four years later.” Zheng Ce said .

Zheng Ce (left)

Zheng Yuanjing (right)

In recent years, international draughts in Chengdu has been well promoted, and many primary and secondary schools have begun to promote this sport. Gao Shengjian, the head coach of the Sichuan international draughts team, said, “In Chengdu and even Sichuan, international draughts has been gradually promoted. As our team Continuously achieving good results will also better promote the popularity of this sport.”

The Sichuan International Checkers Team will participate in all competitions at this Intellectual Games. Gao Shengjian said: “We have the ability to hit gold medals in the 100-square youth male and female individual and team competitions. In the 100-square men’s individual event, the special level Master Zhou Wei has the ability to win the top three.”

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