Fayyad responds to Miqati: ‘a cheap record’… to implement the promise of securing the 10 hours of electricity!

The Minister of Energy and Water, Walid Fayyad, regretted that “his name was thrown into a cheap debate, apparently fabricated by the media office of the caretaker prime minister, Najib Mikati, to aim his arrows at him again without any right, while everyone knows that the Minister of Energy has done everything necessary in the electricity file. And assume his responsibility to the fullest, and implementation remains with those who promised to secure ten hours of electricity for citizens in the month of December.

In a statement, Minister Fayyad wished the Presidency of the Government to proceed according to the official approval that it signed and the urgency of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to secure fuel financing after conducting the tender according to his directives, recalling that the ships are now moored on our shores awaiting unloading, and the Lebanese suffer a daily loss of twenty thousand dollars for The total amount of the fine for docking has exceeded $300,000 so far, he said.

Fabadh continued: As for what was called the document, it is nothing more than an old book that was sent again to manage the affairs of citizens, and it does not belong to our vital topic in any connection other than obfuscation, camouflage, and diverting the subject to another path.

Maknab Fayyad regretted what the statement dealt with regarding anyone’s tutelage over the Ministry of Energy, saying: The minister’s history bears witness to his extensive experience in his field and he works with great dedication and effort, and therefore he is proud of everything he does and has repeatedly tried to distance himself from sterile debates that do not benefit the Lebanese in anything. Especially in these difficult circumstances that our beloved country, Lebanon, is going through.

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