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Uli leathers again!

Yesterday, ex-Bayern President Uli Hoeneß (71) buttoned up BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke (63) in the 150th edition of the talk “Initiation” in the “Neue Presse” in Hanover.

Regarding a question of FC Bayern’s influence on the DFB, Hoeneß replies provocatively: “Watzke now has a small lead. As is always the case in life, Dortmund is then second.”


Background: Watzke is also spokesman for the DFL Presidium and Vice President of the DFB.

As the reason for the “lead”, the long-time Bayern manager cites the change in personnel at the top of the record champions: “Two years ago, there was a new start at FC Bayern with Oliver Kahn and Herbert Hainer. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in particular was previously well represented in the international committees. I think that the advantage will decrease the moment our people have really settled in.”

Bayern bosses Dreesen, Salihamidzic and Kahn (above, from left) as well as Mennekes, Mayer and Hainer (below, from left)

Photo: Dennis Brosda

Hoeneß continued: “The influence of FC Bayern on German football in the DFL and DFB area is not enough for me. It cannot be that the most important German club is represented so little. That doesn’t just have something to do with Watzke himself. But that also has to do with the fact that our people are a bit too reserved.”

FC Bayern did not want to comment on the Hoeneß allegations when asked by BILD. But BILD knows that the club feels well represented in all committees by CEO Oliver Kahn (53) and his deputy Jan-Christian Dreesen (55/still in office as CFO until summer).

In a “double pass” he handed out … Why is Hoeneß silent about Bavaria’s new earthquake?

When it came to the controversial 50+1 rule, Hoeneß once again shared his rejection of the subject. Hoeneß called the arguments of the 50+1 supporters “hypocritical”.

“We at Bayern Munich would be totally in favor of the 50+1 rule falling because we are totally falling behind internationally. In England, every first or second division club is linked to a big company, a country, an oligarch or whatever,” said Hoeneß.

And further: “That’s why they are quite far ahead of us internationally. I am in favor of each club making its own decisions. This has nothing to do with Bayern Munich. It’s about giving the other clubs the opportunity to be competitive with FC Bayern.”

He gets encouragement from 96 boss Martin Kind (78)!

He also speaks out against 50+1 – and also criticizes BVB: “Mr. Watzke formulates very differently. Borussia Dortmund is the only listed corporation in German football, 96 percent of the shares are distributed over the capital market. So this is a typical business venture. But then people fantasize about 50+1, which they don’t keep themselves.”

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