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Nagelsmann explains the Kimmich-Müller plan

Bring on the BVB!

After beating Leverkusen 4-0 and Pilsen 5-0, Bayern are back in top form in time for the league game in Dortmund on Saturday (6:30 p.m.).

But the big question before the classic: How does Julian Nagelsmann plan with Thomas Müller (33) and Joshua Kimmich (27), who are in corona quarantine at least until Friday?

The trainer has a clear plan: “First of all, the examination, the state of health is the decisive factor. If they can’t be freely tested on Friday because they still have something, then they won’t play on Saturday. That is out of the question.”

But: There is still some hope, since both are currently symptom-free. Nagelsmann: “If the internal examination turns out to be such that there is no danger, then we will see to what extent the five days without stress have harmed you. You shouldn’t underestimate that, but they are both players who are not prone to muscular injuries. Of course I don’t want to do without the two, but it also has to make sense.”

Müller and Kimmich – are they on the pitch in Dortmund?

Photo: IMAGO/Philippe Ruiz

Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic (45) on the current condition of the two: “I spoke to them, both are actually in a good mood. They have no symptoms, they are fine.”

Leon Goretzka (27) returned directly to the training ground last week after being infected, but was initially on the bench in the first game afterwards against Leverkusen. Goretzka now says: “You can’t compare them. The trajectories are so different. I wouldn’t rule out anything.”

Captain Manuel Neuer (36) admitted after the Pilsen game that both the current infection and the one in January were symptom-free. The captain speaks openly about the differences between his two infections: “For me, it went like this: It came subliminally. I had mild symptoms. Now it was some sore throat and some nasal problems. So it wasn’t as dangerous as the first infection, when I also had chills, body aches and fever.”

So Bayern has to hope that Kimmich and Müller still have no symptoms. Anyone who knows the two knows: Of course, both want to play in Dortmund – the decision will be made on Friday!

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