Finland-Sweden to NATO, Europe is stressed again.

Finland-Sweden to NATO, Europe is stressed again.

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, where Vladimir Putin holds absolute power in the territory behind the Iron Curtain. colloquially known as military special operations It is one of Russia’s commitments to prevent the spread of Western influence in Eastern Europe.

which Russia sees as its own serious security threat. After Ukraine has moved strongly to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a strong security alliance. in hopes of becoming a shield to protect himself It happened after Ukraine had lost. Crimea, its own southern territories, went to Russia in 2014.

Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian sovereignty It is not only a threat to the stability and peace of the international community. It has also changed the entire European security landscape.

causing many neighboring nations in Europe feel insecure until he had to find a strong partner as a guarantee to ensure more security for himself

Certainly one of the pillars that will serve as a security shield for European nations. Surely not a group of security alliances like NATO. Most recently, there was a stream of news from local media including Finland’s Iltalehti newspaper and Sweden’s Expressen.

Citing sources close to insiders revealed that Sweden and Finland The two Nordic nations have always been politically neutral. Agreed to submit an application for joining NATO at the same time.

Expected to happen in the middle of May to arrive. After Sweden submitted a suggestion that both countries should submit their intentions to join NATO at the same time. And the Finnish side accepted this suggestion.

Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland The country borders Russia for a distance of 1,300 km. Finland will decide to join the NATO alliance sooner within weeks. not wait a month even at the risk of angering Russia.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said Sweden must be prepared for any action from Russia. After all, that changed when Russia attacked Ukraine.

Expressen also expects Sweden and Finland to join NATO at the same time. This is likely to happen during the week of May 16, which will be around the same time as your visit to Stockholm. Swedish capital of the President of Finland Sauli Niniste

However, in the past both Sweden and Finland Each has a status as a non-military country. But the two nations became NATO’s allies. who participated in maneuvers and exchanged intelligence with each other

After Sweden and Finland abandoned their strong neutral position when they joined the European Union (EU) in 1995 following the end of the Cold War.

while referring to NATO It is an alliance for military and security cooperation between the governments of the Parties. Founded in 1949, its founding members are Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom. and the United States

before NATO expands to accept more and more members including small nations in Eastern Europe that broke out after the collapse of the Soviet Union Until now, NATO has a total of 30 member countries.

Most recently, there was a response from Jens Stoltenberg. NATO’s secretary-general came out immediately. that announced its readiness to embrace Sweden and Finland as NATO members It states that NATO can speed up the membership process quickly. If both countries decide to apply for NATO membership

while the signal indicates the possibility of a way for both Finland and Sweden. will join another NATO turbocharged smoothly. This is reflected in a recent opinion poll.

It pointed out that up to 68% of Finnish people support Finland joining NATO. This is a trend that Finnish support has doubled before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. with only 12 percent of the objections.

The Swedish opinion poll found that the majority of Swedes supported Sweden to join NATO as well.

After this, if Finland and Sweden join NATO successfully. Of course, the dissatisfaction of the Russians was to be generated. which used to threaten If the two Nordic nations change their attitude from neutral turn to NATO which Russia sees as expanding the military influence of the United States Russia will bring nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles. stationed in the Kaliningrad region Russian territories on the shores of the Baltic Sea A region which is only 200 kilometers from the border with Sweden.

a situation which will certainly increase the military tensions in the region.

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