First person infected with H3N8 avian influenza found in China

Foreign media groups – news of the bird flu epidemic in the past. Found infected with many strains such as H5N1 , H9N2 , H7N7 , H7N9 .

Recently, another strain of human infection has been identified for the first time, H3N8, which was found in China.

The National Health Commission confirmed on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 that the infected person was a four-year-old boy in Henan province. The children’s family raised chickens around the house. Until April 5, the child had a fever and other symptoms, so he was admitted to a local hospital for 10 days.

Later, on April 24, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention tested positive for the virus and found that Children infected with such strains It also detects infection in people who have a history of contact with children. But no H3N8 infection has been found, so far only one has been infected.

However, Chinese health officials initially assessed that The H3N8 strain is still not very good at spreading to humans. therefore low risk that the infection will spread widely

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An outbreak of the avian influenza virus has been found in 135 countries, including China. The United States has had a major outbreak in poultry since 2015. causing the need to get rid of poultry that have been raised on farms for millions

Experts say H3N8 was actually found in birds for the first time. But many other animals, such as horses, dogs and seals, have also been found to be infected around the world.

While the World Health Organization has confirmed that Avian influenza infection in humans is not very common. But if you get infected enough By the infection through the eyes, nose and mouth, it can be sick, which will show symptoms such as red eyes, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, symptoms of the respiratory system and nervous system.

contact with infected poultry both alive or dead, directly and indirectly, such as walking in the bird market So there is a chance that people will be infected with avian influenza.

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