Fixing the Annoying iPhone Call Button Issue: A Comprehensive Guide for Users

2023-09-02 11:00:00

Recently, in the online community, a post called ‘iPhone complaint number 1 problem.JPG’ has been a hot topic. The author of the post said, “In recent calls, even if you press the wrong button, it gets passed.” If you end this first, there are often cases where you accidentally call someone else by pressing another phone number instead of the end button. In the case of Android phones such as Galaxy, even if you click on the call list, only the other party’s phone number and call duration are retrieved, but it does not lead to an immediate call. Therefore, this is an inconvenience that only iPhone users can sympathize with. Netizens who saw this post said, “Even if you hang up right away, you have to explain that you made a wrong call when the other person calls you”, “That is really annoying.” He expressed his sympathy for the post, saying, “Apple seems to be releasing a series of things that are not good one by one” and “I really don’t know why it doesn’t fix it every time I press it.” They did not come out even after searching, and the flash turned on suddenly and the text part could not be copied as inconveniences.

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