Floods in Cirebon Recede, Residents Need Clean Water – 2024-03-09 14:59:13

Acting Governor of West Java Bey Machmudin handed over aid to flood victims in Cirebon (DOK/DISINFOKOM WEST JAVA)

THE HEIGHT of the flood that inundated the eastern region of Cirebon Regency is gradually receding. Residents now really need clean water assistance.

“Since last night it has started to recede. Just clean the house,”
said Wahid, a resident of Melakasari Village, Gebang District, Thursday (7/3).

Residents who were previously displaced have now returned
clean the house from mud deposits.

“The water that enters my house is up to 30 cm. Meanwhile on the road the water level reaches 1 meter. Apart from being busy cleaning the house,
Residents also tried to sort out what items they could
saved. Mattresses, cupboards, many things were damaged and couldn’t be done
saved,” said Wahid.

Now, apart from being busy cleaning the house, residents are also asking for it
clean water assistance. “Our well water can no longer be used because…
“submerged in floods and mud,” said Wahid.

They also hope for ready-to-eat food assistance considering that residents cannot yet cook.

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Floods hit the area on Wednesday (7/3). Thousands of houses in 37 villages
9 sub-districts in Cirebon Regency were flooded due to the overflow of the Cisanggarung River and Ciberes River. This incident also resulted in the death of 2 people.

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