FMF reduces Adolfo Ríos’ sanction from five years to one year

The sanction against Adolfo Ríos, former sports president of the Querétaro Club, began on March 24 and has been reduced to one year so, for now, he could return to activities in 2023

MEXICO — The Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) reduced to one year the disqualification for the former sports president of Club Querétaro, Adolf Riversafter the serious incidents that occurred at the La Corregidora Stadium on March 5.

ESPN obtained a copy of the letterhead from the FMFsigned by the general secretary Íñigo Riestra and dated yesterday, Monday, July 4, in which he informs Adolf Rivers the decision of the Executive Committee of the FMFafter a request for review of the case presented by the former director.

“It is important to point out that, although the original sanction was imposed by the Liga MX Assembly for a 5 year periodthe EC (Executive Committee) after analyzing his request, agreed to reduce the period to 1 year of disqualification”, reads the letter from the General Secretariat of the FMF directed to Jose Adolfo Rios Garcia.

The body specifies that the disqualification consists in Adolf Rivers may not hold any leadership or administrative position in any club affiliated with the FMF since last March 24, when the sanction came into force.

“I requested that the sanction be removed, the response I received was a reduction of it, I exhausted all the instances and I got this response. I remain calm and with the certainty that it was never my responsibility,” he said. Rivers a ESPN.

In any case, the former professional goalkeeper of teams such as América and Necaxa will continue to seek to reduce the sanction to zero, since he does not consider that he was responsible for any act or omission that caused the brawl between members of the Querétaro and Atlas bars in the tournament. previous, on March 5 in La Corregidora, inside and outside the stadium.

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