SK Sturm Graz Dominates with a 2-0 Victory Over LASK: Champions League Qualification Next

2023-08-06 00:14:15

The SK Sturm Graz remains on the road to success and also celebrates a sovereign victory in the 3rd competitive game of the new season, the second in the 50th anniversary ADMIRAL Bundesliga season. With a performance-oriented 2:0 over the SHOT, who conceded his first defeat of the new season. While the Styrians once again kept a clean sheet and were confident for the forthcoming first leg of the UEFA Champions League Qualifying Round 3 PSV Eindhoven (Tuesday, August 8, 8:30 p.m., League portal live ticker) refueled. We “fill” you in the following Statements from both camps.

In 2023, the Merkur Arena was an “impregnable fortress” for LASK: After the 0-1 defeat in the Uniqa ÖFB Cup semi-finals in April, the people of Linz went home empty-handed again today at 0-2. SK Sturm Graz showed the limits of last year’s third.

“I just tried to shoot and then he goes in”

Tomi Horvat (SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz) about…

his dream goal: “I got the ball. I just tried to shoot and then he goes in.”

…die Total power: “We played a good game against good opponents. We were a bit better in the first half, then they tried to push more, but in the end we deservedly prevailed.”

…the Battle for the regular places: “The competition is very strong at Sturm. Ultimately, that pushes me and I will do everything to be there as often as possible.”

…die Champions League qualification: “Winning two games gives us a good feeling. We go there with full focus and want to get everything out of it.”

“Muscle closed – don’t think it’s a worse thing”

Alexander Prass (SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz) about his failure: “It was a precaution. This happened today during morning practice or activation. The muscle has tightened and I don’t think it’s a worse thing. From there we try everything until Tuesday.

Gregory Wüthrich (defense chief SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz) on…

his team: “We are very stable at the moment. Today you could see that we really enjoy football. We’re a great team and we played great football, especially at the beginning. We train very hard, we are passionate. Everyone is ready to fight for the other. It’s really fun with our fans.”

…the upcoming match against PSV Eindhoven: “We have to approach the task with a lot of self-confidence, otherwise we don’t have a chance. It is now important to work out a good starting position for the second leg.”

“He’s scored 5 goals in that short time and that’s remarkable”

Christian Ilzer (head coach SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz) on…

…die Performance of his team: “We did a lot right. That was a deserved win. We were the better team. We started the season very well with a convincing win against Wiener Austria and today against LASK. We didn’t allow much throughout the season and took advantage of the chances we got.”

Tomi Horvat: “It was a short-term absence from Alexander Prass because he was actually planned for the starting XI. Tomi Horvat not only showed with his goal today that he has an absolute claim to the starting XI. He played a great game.”

Neuzugang Szymon Wlodarczyk: “We played 3 rounds. He does his job very, very well and you can tell he has a nose for goals. I was surprised that he missed the chance before the break, because he usually does. He’s still a young player who has a lot to learn and improve on. He knows that too. He’s scored 5 goals in that short time and that’s remarkable.”

…the Key in the game against PSV Eindhoven: “I don’t know, I haven’t looked at that yet. Today there is a night shift and tomorrow I could tell something about PSV.”

“It’s actually unbelievable that Rasmus Höljund was still with us until a year ago”

Andreas Schicker (Managing Director Sport SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz) above Höjlund move to Manchester United: “There is a capped resale participation. That’s one thing, the economic one. The other thing is that it’s a huge honor for Sturm Graz. It’s actually unbelievable that Rasmus Höljund was still with us until a year ago. And today, with this one-time payment of I think 80 million, it’s the most expensive transfer in Austrian history.”

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Still waiting for his first victory with LASK: The 39-year-old neo-head coach Thomas Sageder.

“In this condition, Sturm can easily be put above us”

Thomas Sageder (head coach LASK) on…

…the Appearance of his team: “I’m very critical. You can tell that our moves against the ball aren’t stable and that we’re also having trouble with the ball. After 20, 30 minutes we managed to set playful accents, but in the end we were too safe for the whole game in the last third. In this condition, Sturm can easily be put above us.”

…die Development at LASK: “At some point it’s hackneyed to say that we’re in a process. We tried to adapt certain things in the game and sometimes it works better and sometimes worse. But now we also want to take 3 points in the league, where we have the derby in front of our chests.

…die most important construction sites: “You could see that we managed with the ball not to let Sturm’s pressing take hold. That was a lot of good things. However, we have to work out a lot of things in detail so that everyone on the field participates and that is ultimately the key.”

“He is also in negotiations”

Departure of offensive star Keito Nakamura (before the game): “In the current phase it is important to me to have a team on the pitch that is 100 percent in the here and now. As long as the player has a contract with us, I plan with him. But of course we also know that there have been a lot of inquiries for weeks. Many clubs are interested in him. He’s also in negotiations and for me it’s just important that we focus on the thing here today.”

Philipp Ziereis (defense chief LASK) about…

…die Defeat of his team: “On the whole we were more passive than last week, but that was also the match plan so as not to give Sturm the back spaces they like to play in. We tried a few things in the second half and that’s how Sturm got the space. All in all, a bit too well-behaved performance from us. We are a team that has to play actively.”

“But that is no longer our claim and we will work on it”

the season opener: “Two games are over. We imagined it differently. It’s also okay that you lose in Graz. But that is no longer our aim and we will work on it.”

…the new game system after the change of coach: “When you see the results, everything has yet to find its way. The way we play doesn’t satisfy us. But it is also clear that we are still in the discovery phase.”

SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz – LASK 2:0 (1:0)

Torfolge: 1:0 Horvat (27th), 2:0 Wlodarczyk (78th, Schnegg).

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Statement-Quelle: Sky Sport Austria.

Photo credit: GEPA-ADMIRAL (2) and Harald Dostal/ (1)

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