For frequent trips to Russia and Belarus they plan to deprive the right to live in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Seimas Committee on National Security and Defense (NSDC) on Wednesday approved a provision according to which Russians and Belarusians traveling to Russia and Belarus more than once every three months will lose their temporary residence permit in Lithuania, reports LRT.

Five committee members were in favor of this provision, two were against it and one abstained. This provision of the law will still have to be approved by the entire Seimas.

It is proposed to add a new restriction to the so-called law on national sanctions – residence permits issued to citizens of Russia and Belarus will be canceled if they have traveled to Russia and Belarus more than once in the last three calendar months, and thereby pose a threat to state security.

According to the Migration Department, 59 thousand citizens of Belarus and 6.8 thousand citizens of Russia have temporary residence permits in Lithuania.

According to the project, crew members of ships and aircraft, cargo carriers, as well as those who are forced to go to Russia and Belarus for objective reasons beyond their control will be able to travel more often and submit documents confirming this.

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2024-04-17 21:07:35

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