Forgot your pants? Criticism of Rashmi Mandana; Support | Rashmikamandhana | Film | ManoramaNews | Dress | Entertainment News

Actress Rashmika Mandana’s dress has received rave reviews on social media. A section of fans say that it is their freedom to choose what they want to wear and not have to comment on it. The airport look of the actress is facing a lot of criticism. Reshmika wore a sweatshirt and denim shorts. Some were annoyed by the low rise of the shorts.

Criticisms have been leveled at the actress for forgetting to wear pants and for reducing the length of the dress as her popularity increases. Reshmika Mandana is one of the most admired heroines in South India. The performance of the actress in ‘Pushpa’ starring Allu Arjun was also highly appreciated.

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