Found a lot of vendors selling RTX 4080 graphics cards at almost the same price. due to not being sold

RTX 40 Series graphics cards have just been released and have been on sale for a while. must be the target of these resellers inevitably But it seems the hoarding and reselling isn’t going so smoothly this time.

by one netizen reveals a picture he found on Facebook There are vendors selling several RTX 4080 graphics cards for $ 1,300 (NVIDIA launched at $ 1,199) and commented that

“I hope this guy gets tired for free. And no shop will buy it back Or else you have to deduct 20% and another $20-$50 as a fee for bringing items back into the store’s stock.”

And it seems that the way to resell the RTX 4080 graphics card is not really easy because one store in America like Newegg has adjusted that it can not press to refund the RTX 4080 graphics card.

Currently, RTX 40 Series graphics cards are starting to be released into the market more and more brands. For Thailand, there are still products available for purchase at leading IT stores at a price of around 50,000 baht or more.

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