Four doctors arrested in Barquisimeto for alleged malpractice

After several complaints made by a group of patients, the Public Ministry began an investigation of a clinic located in Barquisimeto and four doctors, who have been identified through various means, as responsible for malpractice in aesthetic surgical interventions. However, and after the opening of the investigations, the mentioned doctors were arrested. This action, according to the Lara State College of Physicians, has violated the entire procedure, accusing government officials of starting a witch hunt.
Barquisimeto. After several complaints spread through social networks, a group of women allegedly victims of malpractice by several doctors who worked in an Aesthetics Unit within the Las Mercedes Clinic, located in the center of Barquisimeto; the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek Williams Saab, appointed the Prosecutor’s Office 1 of the state of Lara, to investigate said medical center for, in addition to malpracticelack of hygiene in the aforementioned premises.

According to Saab’s indications, the complaint was made by five women who pointed out that in said clinic they perform aesthetic surgeries such as mammoplasty, mastopexy and lipectomy, procedures that caused physical damage to the victims, apparently due to bacterial infection of nosocomial origin.

In a publication made on Saab’s Twitter account, photographs of the health center were shown, showing the state of the bathrooms and rooms, however Dr. Barbra Peraza, owner of said Aesthetic Center, on her Instagram account she defended his point of view through testimonies of patients who underwent surgery and aesthetically without any inconvenience.

But after all these actions at the level of social networks, one fact stood out and it was that the afternoon-night of Wednesday, April 27, were arrested four doctors, identified as Barbra Peraza, Rorayma Camacho, Roymar Camacho and Charmelo Sánchez by officials of the Corps of Scientific, Penal and Criminalistic Investigations, Cicpc, a fact confirmed by Dr. René Rivas, president of the Lara State College of Physicians.

Relatives of the detained doctors reported through a statement posted on Instagram that David Leonardo Querales Sánchez, Control Judge No. 5, was in charge of issuing the arrest warrant against Dr. Barbra Peraza and her team, “who were deceived and intercepted without any warrant, in the company of Valezka Del Valle Carrillo Guevara, 1st Prosecutor. MP-252580-2021, who endorsed the entire procedure despite being the guarantor of the Constitution and the laws.”

Guild denounces witch hunt

“Today what we have been denouncing has been consolidated and we have acted because we knew that the national government, through the Judiciary, is on a witch hunt against Venezuelan doctors.” Dr. René Rivas, president of the College of Physicians of the state of Lara, began his complaint by refer to the detention of the four doctors, who were and this is how the trade unionist mentioned it, literally approached by Cicpc officials, in their cars, indicating that they should attend to testify for the fact that it is still in the investigation phase, and that after arriving at the police headquarters, located in the Industrial Zone of Barquisimeto, were informed of the imprisonment.

Four doctors arrested
The alleged poor condition of the facilities was the trigger for the complaints / Photo: YF

Said detention was carried out after the execution of an act by national order, under the fact of very serious injuries with multiple victims and association to commit a crime. Rivas emphasizes that these aesthetic surgical interventions were carried out with the informed consent of the people who underwent them and mentions that in none of the surgical procedures has there been a deceased.

The president of the College of Physicians affirms that if it was determined that there were infections in some patients “And it was most likely due to the presence of intra-institutional bacteria in the area where it was operated on,” he said.

Under this fact, the medical union affirms that in repeated opportunities have been denouncing that the national government is seeking an excuse by depriving doctors of liberty in the state of Trujillo, in the state of Portuguesa and now in Lara.

Well citizen doctor Tarek William Saab, with all the respect you deserve, in Lara you fought again because we are going to fight for it to be due process and not an arrest warrant that is made expressly when the doctors They are at the headquarters,” he asserted.

Before the stage, Rivas called on all doctors in the private and public areas, to be attentive to the new stage of what he described as a witch hunt against health personnel. Likewise, he sent a message to both Adolfo Pereira, governor of Lara, as to Dr. Javier Cabrera, Secretary of Health, so that they turn their eyes and make a call to the judicial authorities and those of the Cicpc, since he considers that the attitude of these security officials was not the most appropriate, for which he demands respect due process.

Four doctors arrestedFour doctors arrested
Union representatives indicated that they will fight for due process / Photo: YF

“To the doctors, to the nurses, be attentive, because there is a stage of wanting to hold the doctors, the health personnel, responsible for the inefficiency that this government has had in the national health system for 20 years. Now Mr. Nicolás Maduro is going to tell us that the poor response capacity of the health system is the fault of the doctors and nurses, and that is why he is going to arrest them. No, Mr. Nicolás Maduro, the fault lies with you, with your ministers who have been corrupt, who have been the mafia that has superseded the operation of the national health system, we are going to assume responsibilities, you revolutionaries have to accept that the health system regional and national is the fault of the revolutionaries themselves. Don’t come now to say that the media are criminals, what’s wrong with them? finished the trade unionist.

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