FPÖ Darmann on sexual attack in Klagenfurt: Deport perpetrators from Afghanistan immediately!

2023-09-04 10:42:33

FPÖ calls for a complete stop to illegal immigration

Klagenfurt After the sexual attack on a 21-year-old woman by an Afghan in Klagenfurt, the FPÖ club chairman deputy and Klagenfurt FPÖ city party chairman LAbg Gernot Darmann demands the immediate deportation of the perpetrator. “I have absolutely no understanding that such figures as this Afghan are in Austria at all and abuse women or commit other crimes here! Austria is surrounded exclusively by safe states and therefore any persecution including a reason for asylum can be ruled out logically. We finally need a U-turn in asylum policy and a complete stop to illegal immigration under the guise of asylum,” emphasizes Darmann.

“The massive failures of the government in asylum policy lead to these attacks and crimes by illegal migrants, which are now the order of the day and which can no longer be concealed or explained away by the usual welcome gossip. ÖVP Interior Minister Gerhard Karner must finally take action and ensure the immediate deportation of this perpetrator. Just spitting big tones is not enough. If guys like this man from Afghanistan stay in Austria, they continue to pose a threat to our population,” Darmann said.

The FPÖ is the only party that has been calling for an asylum stop in Austria for years. “We must finally put an end to illegal immigration to the detriment of our own population and at the expense of our taxpayers! We have already set several initiatives in the state parliament for an immediate asylum stop, which unfortunately were all rejected by the SPÖ and ÖVP,” criticized the liberal club chairman deputy.

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