Fracture and eye trauma: two injured by attack in Contulmo will be transferred to penquista hospitals | National

Two of the three injured by firearms during the arson attack this Monday in Contulmo, Bío Bío region, will be referred to hospitals in the province of Concepción. They are all stable. One of the men who will be transferred is in serious condition due to hidden trauma, while the other has an open fracture.

Two of the three wounded by firearms during the arson and armed attack recorded this Monday in Contulmo, Bío Bío region, will be transferred to hospitals in the province of Concepción.

Initially, all the injured were taken to the Cañete Hospital.

One of the victims who will be referred to a care center outside the province of Arauco is Carlos Grollmus Thiele 79 years old.

According to information collected by Radio Bío Bío, the man will be transferred in a mobile phone from SAMU to the Regional Hospital of Concepción. Sources specified that the man is stable with an open fracture in his left leg.

Meanwhile, the caretaker of the property, Cristian Cid Ferreira (48) is also stable and has serious injuries corresponding to an ocular trauma. As a result of his injuries, Cid will be referred to the Talcahuano Naval Hospital.

Finally, the third victim was identified as Hellmuth Grollmus Scherer. Adult older than 85 years. Sources from Radio Bío Bío confirmed that he is also stable, since his injuries are minor. Specifically, he has superficial stab wounds, so his transfer is not necessary.

The status of a fourth person was also specified, a 51-year-old woman who has no injuries, but was shocked after witnessing the attack, when she was passing through the sector.

Arson attack in Contulmo

Around 6:40 p.m. this Monday, Carabinieri He went to the Molino Grollmus Eco-Museum, located on the route that connects Cañete with Contulmo. At the scene, they found that hooded men fired shots, proceeding to set fire to the facilities.

According to police information, the affected structures are the emblematic Molino Grollmus, the manor house and a smaller building. In addition, an unknown number of vehicles were affected.

The lieutenant of the Third Police Station of Cañete, Colonel Patricio Gómez, reported that the Public Ministry ordered the attendance of a multidisciplinary team to carry out expert reports at the site of the attack.

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