French President Emmanuel Macron Welcomes Malagasy Counterpart Amid Heatwave Scare at Élysée Palace

2023-06-11 12:16:40

This Friday, June 9, Emmanuel Macron received his Malagasy counterpart Andry Rajoelina at the Élysée in overwhelming heat, which caused a victim.

While the French president welcomed the president of Madagascar in the interior courtyard of the Élysée Palace, a guard, dressed in his traditional outfit like all the others, could no longer bear the heat and fainted.

All this under the eyes of journalists, while Emmanuel Macron, he noticed absolutely nothing. We can see on the images that two other guards try as best they can to pull the guard into a corner so that he is out of sight, while the President of the Republic strikes a pose in front of the photographers.

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