From Football Fields to the Stage: The Rise of IcyCold – A Journey from Soccer to Urban Music

2023-12-02 09:45:15

The youth generation of 2004 University of Chile can say that future stars emerged in their ranks, some who have already forged their path in football like Lucas Assadi, Dario Osorio and others, who away from the fields are looking for another dream, as is the case of Nicolas Alvarez.

At only 19 years of age, the young man decided to say goodbye to football and now focus on his career as an urban music artist under the name ‘IcyCold’. Before that, he rolled the ball first.

“I remember my brother took me to the Blue SnailI was training, I stayed and they put me on the under 8 team. I was a teammate of players who today stand out in the U as Lucas Assadi, Renato Huerta and even Darío Osorio“Alvarez detailed at the BBCL microphone.

His training at the U

Arriving at an early age in the blue ranks, the now former player -with favorable height- served as central defenderalso alternating in the position of Right side.

At the U, Álvarez played tournaments and actively participated from the ages of eight to 17, stages in which he could see his growth as a player and also that of his teammates. Lucas Assad y Darío Osorio.

IcyCold and Lucas Assadi in the lower divisions of the U (sub 8) | Loaned

“When arrive There was a child ahead, he was smaller and that was Assadi. I had to play against him, we laughed, Now I feel like sometimes there’s a lot of pressure on him. because of his age, but I am happy for him,” he noted. Did it make a difference? Álvarez instantly agreed, assuming the same gesture when referring to Darío Osorio.

“Everyone there knew that he (Osorio) was from the region, we didn’t see him in all the training sessions. Even though he wasn’t with us so much, The weekend arrived and he shone, his left foot was something else. There someone said, how does chucha do it? but its quality was already noticeable,” he recalled with a laugh.

Another moment that was saved in the memory of the then blue youth player was “the great opportunity to share with legends of the U and above all, the luck of coinciding with the champion team of the 2011 Sudamericana“.

“We started to watch Sampaoli’s team, Johnny Herrera, Pepe Rojas and once, Edu (Vargas) invited us to ‘have a rally’ with Charles Aránguiz, we were littlealmost the gifts in those years… It was something very nice.

“Also, I was with idols, historical references like Leonel Sanchez y Diego Rivarola, which later became in the lower ranks. I talked a lot with him, when I was a kid I always wanted to celebrate a goal by taking off my shirt with Gohan’s on the bottom,” added the smiling former player.

Nicolás Álvarez (IcyCold) in another photo of the U sub 8 with his teammates and Lucas Assadi (below) | Loaned

“In football he had everything, in music nothing”: his arrival in music

Although playing ‘ball’ was the dream of young Nicolás Álvarez, another stronger desire was soon born: be a singer and express yourself through music.

And what happened along the way? “I I didn’t stop playing soccer because they kicked me out, in Cobresal I was a starter, I played every weekend… but I lost the desire, the spark. Maybe there it was not as developed as the U, in the sense of training as a person, footballer and the sense of playing as a team“, he clarified.

“The moment I changed clubs, I felt that it was all very individualistic, that it didn’t matter if we lost as long as one or the other shined. I disliked all that about football and then, I had the blessing of meet the music“, said.

Transferred | Nicolás Álvarez (IcyCold) during his time at Cobresal

“I was going through a bad streak of injuries and at that time, the wave of urban music began to grow in Argentina and it caught my attention, the same with reggaeton, hip hop. In that process My favorite singer, XXXTentacion, died and from then on, I felt an emptiness and a need to transmit the same thing that he transmitted to me with his music,” he added.

After the shocking death of XXXTentacion (Jahseh Onfroy), who was shot and later died in June 2018 in Miami, for Nicolás Álvarez it meant the genesis of ‘IcyCold’. However, there were questions: from himself.

“I thought…My dad took the car and accompanied me to Quillota to play.We went everywhere and he also accompanied me and your son tells you that he doesn’t want it anymore It’s still complex. He could have easily been playing on some team, I put myself in his shoes. I could understand it and so could they,” she confessed.

‘IcyCold’, with the greats and an unforgettable Caupolicán Theater: “It was like going in to play a classic”

Although his intention to venture into microphones began naturally at the age of 13, it was not until he was 19 that Nicolás Álvarez began to pave his way on the national urban scene. Under the name of ‘IcyCold‘, the former footballer brought out the best of his flow.

In its promising beginning, there are already more than 23 thousand listeners only on Spotifyalso adding more than 200 thousand reproductions in his most listened to song, “I was never like this.”

As if this were not enough, the young artist had the opportunity to invite the renowned Tommy Boysen to record the song “Pa Fumar”, with 16 thousand views on YouTube.

Already in October 2023, the door to its first major stage was opened for ‘IcyCold’: the Decora Fest in it Caupolican Theatercoming out to showcase their music in front of a packed venue.

“It was the most similar sensation I felt to going out to a stadium, like when I played at the U and we had to play a classic with Colo Colo or go to San Carlos de Apoquindo to play with Cato… it is the same anxiety, a moment in which I could show myself and my family that this was my vision,” he explained.

On stage, football memories came to light. “I thought I had the ball at my feet and that in those 25 minutes (of the show) I had to leave everything. It was a beautiful experience, there were artists like Harry Nach, EasyKid and others… there is respect and talent, I stick with that.”

What’s next for IcyCold: continue growing as an artist and… a return to the court?

Although music definitely remained on his horizons, the desire to feel the smell of grass they continue to beat for Nicolás Álvarez.

From his home, ‘Icycold’ admitted that he is awaiting the Legends Cupnational 7-a-side soccer tournament (similar to the Kings League) in which influencers and also faces of Creole soccer participate, such as Martin Rodriguez, David Henriquez, Beloved Mirosevic, Rodrigo Melendez, Gonzalo FierroBrayan Véjar and also, the singer Young Cister.

“I played similar – respecting the range – to Busquets, more as a cutting midfielder and I also knew how, as a winger, to make offensive and defensive projection. If the opportunity came, I would love to play there.“, warning.

Always expressing his restraint after releasing his first album in 2023, ‘IcyCold’ said he felt ready to give an important leap in quality in his music in 2024.

He even pointed out that he would like to record with Pablo Chill-e, but for now, wait patiently. With his latest release, “Twitter“He seeks to continue demonstrating his talent in urban music, his other field of play.

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