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Original title: Galti: Part of the credit for winning the championship belongs to Poland, no one will forget Mbappe because of the big victory

Galti: Part of the credit for winning the title belongs to Poland, no one will forget Mbappe because of the big victory

Live it, August 1. In the French Super Cup that ended early this morning Beijing time, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Nantes 4-0 and successfully won the championship. At the post-match press conference, new Paris coach Galti said that the trophy was also attributed to former coach Pochettino, saying that no one would forget Mbappe because of such a big victory.

Reporter: “You should be particularly pleased with the team’s performance tonight…”

Galti: “I’m very happy to get a win and bring the trophy home. We are able to play this game, it means that we are already the champions of the league, and the last manager did a good job, Pochettino deserves credit for winning the title today.”

“I like the way the team is performing now, full of desire to attack, completely controlling the rhythm of the game, recovering the ball as soon as possible after losing the ball. We only left two chances to the opponent and created the opponent on the offensive end. Threats a lot. We still have a lot to adjust, but I’m happy with the 4 miles. It’s a big win to start the season, don’t lose sight of the importance of the championship .”

Reporter: “Did you expect the team to show such good form in this game?”

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Galti: “Physically, we’ve been working together for a while, albeit with a very short preparation period. A lot of players started preparing before the holidays. Everyone went through all the training sessions. Then we need to The coordination between the lines continued to improve. I was very impressed with the ability the team showed on the offensive end, everyone sacrificed for each other, and also made a lot of effort on the defensive end.”

Reporter: “Because Mbappe was unable to play in this game, there was speculation that the team would stagnate on the offensive end. What do you think about this issue? If one of Neymar or Messi leaves, will it be against the ball? The team has a bigger impact?”

Galti: “First of all, I would like to express my affirmation to Sarabia’s excellent performance in this game. He was involved in two goals and filled the void very well. Neymar and Messi have played together for many seasons. They know each other very well. Everyone is in the locker room now celebrating this trophy.”

Reporter: “Has this victory made people forget Mbappe’s absence?”

Galti: “No one will forget Mbappe because of this. We know his qualities well and he will bring a lot to the team. I think we will see Mbappe in the next game against Clermont. Performance, the return of Mbappe is a strong addition to the team. The coaching staff and I will try to find a balance among the three strikers and ensure that the team can continue to score goals.”

Reporter: “Did you feel relieved by this victory?”

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Galti: “This victory is not a relief. When you become PSG manager, you have to win games and play good football, but the most important thing is to win. Of course if we play good football , you will win the game yourself. Since the team has been preparing for the game in recent weeks, it is important to start the new season with such a victory. This victory shows that the team’s hard work on the training ground has paid off. A certain reward.”

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