Gebran Bassil: Why did he offer confidence in the Foreign Minister, as long as the decision is the decision of the Ministry of Interior?

The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, indicated that “what happened in 2022 is the amendment of the law to become the decision to distribute centers by the Minister of Interior and in coordination with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the question here is why he put confidence in the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as long as the decision came from the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Interior?

He stressed that “this is because the appeal is political, and they do not target the rest of the ministers.”

In a statement after a session of confidence in Foreign Minister Abdullah Bouhabib, Bassil said that “the national movement was accused of being behind what happened in Australia.”

He pointed out that in 2022, we are not the ones who proposed the amendment to the electoral law, and we did not try to manipulate the deadlines.

He added, “Whoever tampers with the law and the deadlines in it, is responsible for any possible error that may have occurred.”

Bassil pointed out: “The Lebanese abroad are elected either at the embassy or residence, according to what the Ministry of Interior has approved, and what happened is that there is a partisan machine that registered people incorrectly, and the error did not come from the Ministry of Interior.”

He said: “Just as they flew the megacenter in Lebanon, they do so in Australia, in order to control people’s decisions.”

Basil concluded: “If there is a stupid person who has registered people in a wrong way, let him bear his responsibility, and no political party should bear this.”

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