Genshin Impact, players face a problem, indicating a crisis, the future may not go on !!

gameworld-class quality Production at Genshin Impact No one doubted the quality and sound. But what if from now on who will travel with Genshin Impact May have to drop!! Let’s go to fight

Players with a capacity of size 64 prepare to say goodbye !! Really?

Although some people say that the capacity size is 64 GB still surviving in Patch 2.7 that although it is large (temporarily), but it cannot escape the truth thatgameContinues to continue to grow larger, will not last long with several average level expansions. GB continue Patch make oneselfgameIn the future, it’s size will begin to be too gameKeep going because the size is above average.gameA lot of mobile phones If counting with the basic operating system in the mobile phone, we hardly need to continue in the future, we will have to start collecting money.

To be clear, why Patch 2.7 is so big?

I must say that the developer has already informed that the Update The advance will be larger than usual. which the player can reduce the size of the file down By uninstalling unwanted audio files. It would shrink the gigantic size to a few. GB in Update This time… but it will definitely be bigger in the future.

From now on, the middle budget line is quite low. May have to prepare to find a new mobile phone or have to say goodbye

Even if it doesn’t affect the pay line and people with high purchasing power. including players in PC would not affect which some parties came out to express their opinions on the shore HoYoverse should find a solution Because writing and managing files in the format HoYoverse There are many old files superimposed on it. until it’s big enough to see Which is not combined with the quality packed, which is not surprising that the game size is really big.

Some people have commented that they shouldn’t make a mobile version, it should be a PC game.

Some trends think that if it’s a PC game, it’s better to raise the image resolution and play system to your heart’s content. But it would be impossible because HoYoverse foreseeing a huge market everywhere Platform What will you do? PC This is a policy that HoYoverse It has been announced, of course, in terms of income it generates. HoYoverse substantial which some players will have to help themselves and adjusting to be ready to continue in Patch In front, the game is really big. Impact !! And people with limited space on their mobile phones may not go further.

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