Get to know each other about diseases and how to prevent pneumonia.

pneumoniaorpneumoniaIt is an inflammation of the lungs and bronchi. This can happen for 3 main reasons.

1) Infections include:

Bacteria, including pneumococcus (Pneumococcus)

Viruses include influenza, SARS virus (SARS Virus).

Others include fungi, parasites, etc.

2) Non-infection:

Aspiration of food particles into the lungs

Inhaling smoke, dust into the body in large quantities

3) Autoimmune Low immunity includes:

. Patients with SLE disease (SLE)

. Premature babies, twin babies, malnourished children

. Elderly people

. Patients with alcoholism

. AIDS patients

. Diabetes patients

. People who take steroid drugs for a long time

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