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Girls were poisoned after consuming imported candy

by archyde

Two girls were admitted to the hospital on the Eastern Coast of the Lake, in the state of Zulia, with serious symptoms of intoxication, presumably produced after they consumed sweets from another country.

The little ones could be allergic to a chemical substance with which they make the product

One of those affected is barely one year old, while the other is three years old; both presented vomiting, fever, diarrhea, among other effects.

It was learned that the relatives noticed that the one-year-old girl began to feel unwell after tasting the “bubble gum”, whose presentation refers to being produced in Ecuador.

Then, after 20 minutes, the three-year-old girl relapsed, showing the same symptoms.

The incident occurred in the Bachaquero community, Valmore Rodríguez municipality. The local police visited each business to remove the popular “Agogó” sweets from the market, until it is determined what happened and what caused the intoxication.

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The girls improved after receiving medical care at the Pedro García Clara hospital in Ciudad Ojeda, local media reported.


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