Good Cholesterol, HDL, Negative for Bone Health

Studies have shown that high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C), the cholesterol that is good for cardiovascular health, is negative for bone health.

For cardiovascular health, high HDL-C is good, but for bone health, it means you need to find the right trade-off.

The results of a study on the association between plasma HDL-C levels and fracture risk, conducted by researchers including Sultana Monira Hussein of the University of Melbourne Medical School in Australia, were published on the 18th in the international journal JAMA Network (doi:10.1001/jamacardio.2022.5124).

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Previous studies have reported that high HDL-C levels reduce the number and function of osteoblasts that play a role in bone formation, thereby reducing bone density.

The research team approached ASPREE, a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, large-scale clinical trial of aspirin, in a sub-analysis to confirm whether a similar trend was observed in actual clinical trials given that the study was only preclinical.

In this cohort study of 16,262 participants aged 70 years and older without cardiovascular disease, dementia, physical disability or life-threatening chronic disease, 1659 experienced at least one fracture during a median follow-up of 4 years.

711 minor traumatic fractures and 948 other traumatic fractures were included, mostly reported as falls from stairs, ladders or chairs.

As a result of adjusting variables, the risk of fracture increased by 14% for every 1-SD increase in HDL-C level (HR 1.14). there was no

In particular, the fracture rate was high in the highest quintile of HDL-C levels, with an average of 89 mg/dL. When analyzed by quintile, participants with the lowest versus highest HDL-C had a 33% higher risk of fracture (HR 1.33).

“This study suggests that higher HDL-C levels are associated with an increased risk of fracture,” the researchers concluded. “This association worked independently of common risk factors for fracture.”

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