Good news for those wishing to register in the “Developed Warranty” system • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Ministry of Human Resources revealed that the registration period in the “developed social security” system has been extended to October 30, while the disbursement begins on the first of each Gregorian month.

The applicant is required to be a Saudi national and a full and permanent resident within the borders of the Kingdom, with exceptions that include non-Saudi women married to a Saudi, non-Saudi widows and divorcees and they have Saudi children, children of widows and divorced women from a non-Saudi husband, orphans and people with special needs who have cards that allow them to move, according to for “city”.

It is also required that the monthly income not be less than the calculated minimum pension, which is estimated at 1,100 riyals, and 550 riyals for each family member, and that the beneficiary should not be residing in one of the housing centers sponsored by the Kingdom, and a commitment to attend training and employment programs for capable individuals.

The conditions included that the beneficiary did not have high-value assets.

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