Governor of the Commission surprised him with the answer! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Governor of the General Authority for Military Industries, “Engineer Ahmed Al-Ohali”, answered a question to the presenter, Abdullah Al-Mudaifer, stating, “Is there cooperation between the Kingdom and China in the military industries?” .

Al-Ohali said, during his stay as a guest on the “In the Picture” program, about the nature of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and China in the military industries: “China is an essential and important partner for the Kingdom, but the military industries are sensitive and its factors differ from cooperation in the field of energy, cars, and so on. The Kingdom’s interest in localizing military industries and transferring technologies.

Al-Mudayfer specifically directed the question to the commission’s governor: “Is there cooperation or contracts in military industries between China and the Kingdom?” .. Then the governor of the Commission responded by saying: “I apologize … and I prefer not to answer this question.”

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