Guangzhou Youth AFC Champions League 6-game losing streak, 0 goals, and significant progress.

Original title: Guangzhou Youth AFC Champions League 6-game losing streak, 0 goals, and obvious progress, the value of training shows

In the final round of Group I of the AFC Champions League, Guangzhou team lost 0-1 to Kawasaki Forward with a 6-game losing streak, 0 goals and 24 conceded goals to end their AFC Champions League journey. Compared with the 0-8 defeat in the first round, the Guangzhou Youth Army in the final game lost only 1 goal to Kawasaki Frontal, which can be said to have made significant progress.

This season’s AFC Champions League group stage, due to the epidemic, the Guangzhou team sent youth troops to play for two consecutive years. Facing the Malaysian team Johor Bahru in the first round, they lost 0-5 and suffered a blow. Then facing Kawasaki Forward, the Guangzhou team lost 0-8 and set the biggest conceded record in the history of the AFC Champions League. Then under heavy pressure, the Guangzhou Youth Army lost 0-3 and 0-5 to Ulsan Hyundai successively. In the last two rounds, they lost 0-2 to Johor and 0-1 to Kawasaki.

Last season, the Guangzhou team lost all 6 games in the AFC Champions League. After losing all 6 games this season, the Guangzhou team’s losing streak has reached 12 games. However, compared to the 1 goal scored last year, this year’s Guangzhou team did not score and conceded 24 goals.

But throughout these 6 games, the Guangzhou team has made some progress. From 0-8 to 0-1 loss to Kawasaki Frontale, from the low-level mistakes of the goalkeeper in the first round to the goalkeeper’s repeated saves in the closing battle, the Guangzhou team’s The youth army has become more calm on the field, no more stage fright and timidity like in the first game, dare to make moves after getting familiar with the opponent, and will not panic and make mistakes as soon as the opponent speeds up and presses, the defense line is very stable, and the progress on the defensive end is obvious to all.

From the data point of view, in the first match of Guangzhou’s 0-5 Johor match, the shooting ratio of the two sides was 2-24 and the shooting ratio was 1-9; Guangzhou defeated Kawasaki 0-8 in the second round. . Guangzhou lost 0-3 to Ulsan in the third round. The shooting ratio of the two sides was 3-39 and the shooting ratio was 1-12. In the fourth round, the Guangzhou team lost 0-5 to Ulsan. The shooting ratio of the two sides was 5-26 and the shooting ratio was 0-13. In the fifth round of the 0-2 loss to Johor, the two sides shot to a ratio of 1-18 and a ratio of 0-5. In the last game, the two sides shot to 3-23. It can be seen that in the face of the same opponent, the Guangzhou team has improved in both offense and defense in the second round.

So far, the Guangzhou team’s AFC Champions League trip has ended. For these youths, the progress is still visible to the naked eye. Although they have created various embarrassing records, they still have a certain training value for the players. As the media person Cong Shuoming commented after the game, this experience has formed a meaningful exercise value, which has virtually helped these children to make better progress. (baozhizhu)Return to Sohu, see more


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