Gucci Fashion Show Protest: Animal Rights Activist Calls for Ban on Exotic Skins

2023-09-24 22:14:02
An animal rights activist stormed the stage of the Gucci fashion show held on the 22nd (local time) in Milan, Italy/Reuters Yonhap News

An incident occurred during Milan Fashion Week in Italy where a woman jumped onto the stage. This woman said she is a member of an animal protection group, and she protested against using skins from crocodiles or snakes.

According to the British Telegraph on the 22nd (local time), a woman broke into Gucci’s 2024 women’s spring/summer (SS) collection fashion show held in Milan that day. The woman held a piece of paper above her head with the words “Gucci: Ban Exotic Skins” written on it. The bottom of her paper had the logo of the international animal protection organization PETA engraved on it. The woman was dragged down the stage by security guards.

In the fashion world, exotic skin refers to the skin of reptiles such as crocodiles, snakes, and lizards. Bags and shoes made of exotic skin cost hundreds to tens of millions of won.

Animal rights groups, including Peta, are calling for an end to the production and sale of exotic skins, saying the method of obtaining them is cruel.

“Exotic skin symbolizes the pain and suffering of vulnerable people,” Mimi Beckech, deputy general manager for PETA’s UK, Europe and Australia, said in a statement released on its website. “We demand that brands abandon these cruelly sourced materials and remind consumers that animals are not ours to wear,” he said.

Animal rights activists storm the stage and protest during the Coach fashion show held at New York Fashion Week on the 7th./AFP Yonhap News

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PETA activists previously staged a similar protest at the Fashion Week Coach show held in New York, USA, earlier this month. At the time, activists held signs calling out against the use of animal skins or appeared with body paint showing the skin peeling off and revealing muscles and tendons.

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