Hamza goes to the emergency room to say he wants to kill everyone while shouting “Allahu akbar”, general alert in all hospitals in Brussels!

All members of the local and federal police – including the CALog (Administrative and Logistics Executives) – who work in Brussels received this Friday morning a “vigilance” alert to inform them that a certain 24-year-old Hamza had just come to go to the emergency room of the Sainte-Anne / Saint-Remi clinic, boulevard Jules Graindor, in Anderlecht, to make threats – in particular that he was going to represent himself to kill everyone and thus die – while shouting “Allahu akbar “.<_readmore class="macro" displayname="_readmore" name="_readmore"/>

According to a police source, the person concerned – who would be from Martelange (province of Luxembourg) – was then spotted and recognized near the La Roue metro station, still in Anderlecht this Friday morning, a little before 11:30 a.m., both by members of the Stib security and by members of the Brussels Midi local police, while he exhibited a bladed weapon and made incoherent remarks; but he couldn’t be arrested…

Then, federal police interveners believed this Friday afternoon, around 3 p.m., to have recognized him near the Saint-Pierre hospital, in the city center of Brussels, and, fearing that he was going to pass to the act, the latter asked for the intervention of the six Brussels police zones. There followed a major police deployment on the spot to finally realize that it was a false alarm; that is, an argument between neighbors.

Questioned, Sarah Frederickx, spokesperson for the Brussels Midi police, confirms the information: “We did indeed have information on the actions of the suspect. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office is coordinating the investigation. On our side, the police, we are doing everything in our power to find the suspect. All Brussels hospitals have been warned that they must inform us in the event of a suspicious situation. We are following this closely”.

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