Handsome, too cute to resist, Hwang Inyob added a special egg to “Hailee Thai” Jaibang in the event ‘2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok’ : Maya Channel

It ended beautifully for ‘2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok’, the first full-scale fan meeting in Thailand of “Hwang In Yeob” (HWANG IN YOUP), a handsome young actor who won the Thai Hailey Heart (HIYILY = official fan club name of Hwang Inyob) to occupy this event held on Saturday, September 10, 2022, at Chaengwattana Hall, 5th floor, Central Chaengwattana Shopping Center. Create an impression by the organizers Applewood (Applewood) and Keyeast Entertainment (Key East Entertainment).

For the event ‘2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok’ is the first time that the young man “Hwang In Yeob” has visited Thailand. And meet the Hailey Thai people for the first time! Talking in the middle of the atmosphere, rain, thunder outside. But inside the hall is called full of excitement, waiting and happiness of Thai Hailey people when “Hwang In Yeob” appears with a handsome, cool look in the concept of “Han Seo Joon”. The drama that fans love the most from the series “True Beauty” that comes with a beautiful soundtrack to the series like Missing You debuted with a beautiful song, “Hwang In Yeob” greeted the fans. The official Thai in Thai said “Hello, I’m Inyeob, nice to meet you” before he talked to the fans. to the impression from the first moment that he stood on the land of Thailand with the warmth of Hailey Thai who welcomed him to the airport

“I want to thank you all for your precious time and your very warm love as I came to Thailand for the first time with this fan meeting. I didn’t think everyone would come to me like this. and come a lot I don’t know if everyone will like it or not. But I prepared the song “Missing You” to sing live. Because I know that everyone likes the True Beauty series, so I want everyone to listen to it and think about this series.” As soon as it was launched, we were begging Hailee like this. It’s too much to resist

Say hello, talk to each other enough to get rid of missing you. For this fan meeting, “Hwang In Yeob” has prepared various games for many fans to get to know him and get closer to him. Starting from the first game, Hwang Quiz? In-depth Thailand quiz game Let the young man Inyob get to know Thailand a step further. For this game there is a bet on Thai food that he will receive. In this game we will see the cuteness of the young In Yeob who tries to answer the questions correctly. Until he succeeded in this mission and received Welcome Food as Mango Sticky Rice. and watermelon smoothie At the first tasting, Young In Yeob was instantly hooked.

Arrived during IY Q&A at Hwang In Yeop. Had to answer questions from the fan’s post-it. This is called the response to the Haili people. Because there are people who write to say they love each other. Aew Ern Young Inyeo let him be embarrassed. But Hailey Thai fights. In Yeob then asked to fight back with a cool sentence, “If you like me, I like you.” Seeing this sentence, Hailey Thai fell all over. Besides the fun times having played the game And having a pleasant conversation, “Hwang In Yeob” also prepared a special VCR with IY’s log that he intended to film himself for fans to see in action. and his daily life before he appeared to meet Hailey Thai again in an exclusive way By walking closely to find Hailey Thai throughout the hall. in return for the fans Sacrificing everyone’s precious time to join him in this event.

As time goes by, the fun is even more with IY Filmogram where he will take Hailey Thai back to his memories with every past work Whether it is the series “The Tale of Nokdu,” his first television series as “Park Dan-ho,” followed by “Goo Ja-sung” from the drama “18 Again,” and a supporting role. The handsome Thai Hailey screams with the role of “Han Seo Joon” in the series “True Beauty” and of course, when talking about it, fans think of the impressive scene that the young man Inyeob sings and dances to okey dokey in a leopard boxer outfit. In which he told about this scene that he came up with ideas and came up with his own dance moves. This event is to show one step of the choreography. and invited Hailey Thai to dance along Continuing with the latest work that aired in 2022 with the series “The Sound of Magic” and “Why Her?”, where he became the main character in the role of “Gong Chan” opposite the female heroine “Seo Hyun Jin”.

IY GAME is the lucky fan draw period. Join the game. And the fans will have to defeat him. in order to take a Polaroid photo. and special gifts Which each game made Hailey’s heart thin with happiness. Whether it’s a hand-pushing game, eye-gazing game, and finally, an arm wrestling game. Which this last game made the young man very surprised and excited. Because the lucky fan who came up to play with him is a FanBoy that he never expected.

The fun continues. but only one accident The moment of happiness has finally come. In which Young Inyob has prepared IY Present to leave the fans with a mission that he decorates a Korean-style fan as a special gift that has only one piece in the world for the lucky Thai Hailey today.

“Today’s event might not be good enough because it’s my 1st Fan Meeting for the first time in Thailand. But I want everyone to not forget me, remember me and love me always, so that I can find the opportunity to come back to you all again. I promise to come back to everyone with new works. I want everyone to stay healthy And please applaud the two brothers (the MC and the translator) too. Next year, if there are still people who love me and give me consistent love. I will definitely have the opportunity to come back to everyone.”

Found a very cute, good, caring people around like this. The more the Thai Haili people are impressed with the young man Hwang In Yup. and does not let go home easily Let’s arrange a surprise project. with cute video clips that tells about the love and pride that Haili Thai people have for him called full It is another very special memory between “Hwang In Yeob” and “Hwang In Yeop” as the First Impression that Young In Yeob will never forget for sure, which before Saying Goodbye, “Hwang In Yeob” gave a song. I Mean It, the theme song for the series The Sound of Magic, he sang himself. Come sing for Thai fans to listen to live as well as a final gift that will make fans Thai people have a good night on this special night.

And finally, “Hwang In Yeob” also left Thai Hailey. Follow his new variety program Youth MT as well, reiterating that watching this program, you may see him in a new light. But Hailey Thai must promise to love him the same. Let’s begging like this. Hailey Thai won’t change his mind for sure.

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