Harry is not the son of King Charles III? They would force the prince to take a DNA test

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For some years a theory arose that assured that Prince Harry was not the son of the king charles iiibut of James Hewitt, a former squire to Queen Elizabeth, so would be forced by his father to take a DNA test to disprove this rumour.

A new scandal is about to explode British royal family. In recent days, King Carlos III, who became the new ruler after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, He would have summoned Prince Harry to ask him to take the DNA test.

According to new reports, King Carlos III is considering organizing a meeting with the prince William, after the revelations about the paternity of Prince Harry are known. The discussions They would end in tears.

It should be noted that Star magazine in its edition this week assured that Prince Harry’s real father is James Hewitt, a former squire to the Queen.

For his part, James Hewitt claimed to have met Diana at a dinner in 1985, a year after Harry’s birth. However, a new report from the actual author Nicholas Davies questions it. Davies states that the late princess “was seen several times inside Charles and Diana’s home at Kensington Palace in 1983”, adding that Diana herself was not sure of the father’s identity.

But it seems that King Carlos III would give credence to this testimonyand would even have the firm intention of summoning a emergency meeting which will be attended by Princes Harry and William. The sovereign would threaten to disinherit his second son, and consequently his children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 15 months.

The royal family must be 100% sure that he is a legitimate son and that his affiliation is established with respect to Carlos,” said a close source quoted by Star magazine. “The meeting will probably end in tears. Being confronted with the doubts of the man who raised him probably will offend Harry”.

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