“With Juan Cruz we were more physical and the time comes when one gets tired”: Sambueza

The arrival of Julio Comesana to Junior’s bench meant the change of many things and the improvement in the performance of one player in particular, the Argentine Fabian Sambueza He has become a kind of hitch, he is stepping more on the area and has scored important goals.

With one of his goals, he won a visit to Santa Marta for the Colombia Cup against Unión Magdalena, to advance to the final. In addition, he scored the win against Alianza Petrolera in the Colombian League to stay in the fight.

In dialogue with Zero zone From Junior’s concentration he analyzed how the team’s game has changed and his personal improvement, hours before a vital duel against Atlético Bucaramanga, this Sunday, as a visitor.

Fabián, a ‘six-point’ game is coming on Sunday, against Bucaramanga

Yes, indeed. Taking into account that the rivals that are above us face each other, it is a nice opportunity to close the gap, we all know that Bucaramanga at home is strong and we have to try, well not try, we have to look for the three points there . It is a direct rival to enter the classification zone.

It is that Junior does not have much left to look for, only to win everything that lies ahead.

That is the small or big dilemma, whatever you want to call it. Several points have escaped us and there is no margin for error. We have to be as effective as possible and if we want to achieve the goal, we have to win.

Fabián, how are you after the string of games you’ve had?

The truth is good. The last three games I’ve played 90 minutes, as a player I’m picking up the rhythm of the game and feeling better and better. Personally, I feel good, eager, with high expectations of helping my teammates. Personally, I’m fine and that’s the most important thing.

Since Julio Comesaña arrived, you have been one of the most prominent. Why do you think this has been happening?

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Also when Juan Cruz was there I had to play, score goals, help the team. But out there with Julio we knew each other from before, I know the way he plays, that he wants. He identifies the history of this club, he is a legend of the team, he has won many things, people love him in the city and it is important for us that they also transmit that Barranquilla culture to us, so personally I feel good, I look forward to it. to work.

Has the restructuring of the team been convenient for you by playing now as a down payment?

I consider myself a player who likes to have the ball, get to the goal, and well that position you name, play behind number ‘9’, and not as a winger but as a right midfielder, they are places where the ball arrives a lot and that’s where I play me. We lose ourselves when we don’t have the ball, we stay floating on the field. The teammates try to interpret our game, Julio knows it, he already knows me, he was the one who brought me Junior the first time. We try to connect, because we are all in the same boat.

It is that there was also a change in the style of playing, Comesaña says that it is not better or worse, but different. What do you feel?

I fully agree with what Julio says. It is not that none is better than another, they are different ideas. With Juan Cruz we were more direct, more physical and in the end, personally, the moment comes when one gets tired. We are human beings and we also get tired. Instead this game that Julio has, is to have the ball, to be sharp but interpreting the game.

Right now they are very tight on the table. How do you feel about the accounts?

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We are game by game, focusing on the rival that touches us. We know where we are, the responsibility that exists, the points that we missed would help us, but well now the situation is this and we have to face it. Go to Bucaramanga and win this match, which is very important. Follow step by step.

There is also the issue of players who are going to run out of contract like you. Is this a good window to promote yourself?

We each have their own brand. He spoke for me, most footballers know in their heads that they can forge their future or try to be where they want, but it all depends on the work and professionalism of each one. Sometimes things don’t work out, but if you work well, everything falls into place. Life is like that, one says: ‘the fucking mother doesn’t come out one’, but the reward always comes. For many of us our contract ends and we have to aspire in my case to continue here. I know the team and I have had to win here, personally I try to be well and improve and that is what God wants.

It seems that there have been no rapprochements with the team. Are you waiting to get out of this situation?

No. The club generally, I know them, like the last time there was a misunderstanding and I ended up leaving the team, I know them. I know that they first try to see the needs of what the coach wants and then they will see what hires they make. Nothing has been said, but I am focused on the club one hundred percent.

What is it about Junior that seduces you so much that you want to continue?

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I think that the most important thing, despite the fact that sometimes things don’t work out, for ‘x’ reasons, there are great players and a team that excites you, that can always fight for important things, as a player you always want to win. Beyond the happiness I feel as a player and as a family, it is a nice, small city, where it is easy to get around, it has many advantages. In addition, the warmth of the people, as long as things go well, because when they don’t go well, no one would like to be here because you know that the shoe is tight. But hey, you know the responsibility of what you have to do and if you take care of yourself, everything will flow.

Finally, what is there to tell the fans for this final stretch of five games?

Just to tell you that we are 101% committed. It is not necessary to sell smoke either, I do not like to say things that are not. The truth is that we have missed points, yes. They are right, there are people who were a little angry, and it is normal that as a fan you can get angry. But we are committed and for now, God willing, we can win the game that comes and then it will be up to the people to push and do their bit in the games that are important by pushing from the outside.

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