He is not Gallardo and he was a couple of Cande Tinelli

2023-05-26 01:06:20

The sports journalist Alina Moine, She was linked on more than one occasion with whoever was DT from River, Marcelo Gallardo. However, she has always denied it and now confirmed that is in a relationship with a former soccer player who was a couple of Candelaria Tinelli.

It’s all about Federic Giuliani. Both whitened their romance, through Instagram.

“You and me, daydreaming”says the publication of the former athlete, in an image with the journalist.

Later, Moine shared a photo with him accompanied by a heart on his story.

In this way, he put an end to the rumors that he is dating Marcelo Gallardo. “Like nothing. There is nothing that cover. Besides, we were having a great time. Con Marcelo I have a relationship… not pretty, beautiful. we adore each others. We have shared very important moments in our lives and we are very companions in that sense and we want it to always be like this, ”she had pointed out in an interview with Socios del Estáculo, when questioned about her relationship with the former technical director of River.

She was even linked to Marcelo Tinelli.

Who is Federico Giuliani, Alina Moine’s boyfriend

Federico Giuliani is 31 years old, he was born in Santa Fe and He currently works at Club San Lorenzo. yougrape one relationship with Candelaria Tinelli, daughter of the renowned driver.

Giuliani began his football career in 2004 at Club Atlético Argentino Quilmes and culminated in Belgrano de Paraná.

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