Disfigured by plastic Sasha Cherno from “House-2” declassified a terrible diagnosis

2023-05-12 19:32:19

Marianna Veselovskaya

2 hours ago

The beloved of Joseph Oganesyan, who also appeared in a scandalous reality show, ended up in a difficult life situation. As it turned out, the insidious disease deprived Alexandra of sleep and rest.

The colorful participant of “House-2” at one time demonstrated commendable self-confidence. From the outside, it seemed that the owner of magnificent forms was not at all embarrassed by her own body.

However, subsequently, the behavior of Sasha Cherno confirmed the worst suspicions of her fans. At some point, the girl took herself seriously, having managed to get rid of at least 70 treacherous kilograms. Only diets and plastic surgery led to a completely unexpected result – without the notorious filters, Alexandra’s face looks stale and bloated.

Not so long ago, plastically disfigured Cherno received a new blow when she learned about the terrible diagnosis of her little son. The terrible stress lasted for at least a month – the doctors stubbornly suspected that the boy had a delay in psychoverbal development. Needless to say, how Stefan’s frightened mother reacted to such an assumption.

Now the star of the scandalous television set has again started talking about the insidious disease. Despite the previously announced “verdict”, she decided not to give up and showed her son to another doctor. To her delight, the doctor called the earlier diagnosis erroneous. According to the specialist, we are talking about a delay in speech development, which is quite easily corrected with the help of special exercises.

“It’s not a disease, it’s just that some kids start talking a little later,” admitted Sasha, who finally exhaled.

Earlier, Express Gazeta also wrote about the suspicions voiced by the Internet audience about the wife of Iosif Oganesyan. Rumor has it that the 30-year-old lady has been drinking hard for a long time. Such assumptions could have arisen just against the backdrop of Cherno’s rapid weight loss, whose face began to look flabby and alien.

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