He left on a motorcycle and they can’t contact him

2023-09-23 01:13:49

The Pampas town of Stone house She is shocked by the disappearance of her communal delegate Martín Borthiry, with whom Lost all communication more than 24 hours ago.

The official was taking a trip through the north of the country, with his motorcycle. However, nothing is known about his disappearance since yesterday, Thursday, when last contacted on the route.

For that reason, family, friends and relatives launched a search on social networks, requesting any information from the biker community of all country.

«Call for solidarity. “I need my biker friends from all over the country to help me find the whereabouts of my friend Martín Borthiry,” indicates the message that was known this Friday afternoon.

According to the text, which gained circulation in a few minutes, the communal representative toured the surroundings of the city of Chamicalin La Rioja, at the time of its last communication.

“Any news and anyone who has seen it should urgently notify the nearest police stations in that area,” concludes the post that was spread by those around the motorcyclist and public official.

The local media «Radiodon»He also indicated that the delegate from Casa de Piedra, a town located on the reservoir of the same name on the border with Río Negro, made the trip by motorcycle. together with journalist Ricardo «Pilinga» Pérezwho reported his disappearance.

It was also learned that some relatives, alerted by the situation, left from La Pampa to the northern province, in search of information about Borthiry.

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