He stole drugs and had his wife kidnapped 2024-04-12 10:36:35

A couple went with their two minor children to procure narcotics from the Roma settlement in Dendropotamos, and when the 32-year-old father stole two packages of heroin, his 52-year-old supplier pursued him, while with the help of his three adult sons, he held the 40-year-old mother and their two minor children (under 10 years old).

After an hour of illegal detention at the 52-year-old’s house, both the mother and the two minors were released, while the 32-year-old complained that he had been beaten. OPKE police officers located the family of four in Menemeni and brought them to the police station, where the tangle of the case began to unravel.

The second wife was arrested, as was also one of the three sons (28 years old). Criminal charges were brought against the former – among others – for supply and possession of drugs, as well as exposure, while they were referred to apologize to the 5th special narcotics investigator of Thessaloniki. The minors were taken to a hospital and are in good health.

The announcement of the General Police Directorate in Thessaloniki states:

“In the context of daily vehicle patrols and police investigations carried out by Services of the General Police Directorate of Thessaloniki, police officers of the Department of Prevention and Suppression of Crime located in the evening hours of 04-07-2024 a couple of citizens (32-year-old and 40-year-old) in the area of ​​Dendropotamos, whom they brought at the Security Department of Ampelokipi – Menemeni.

As emerged from the police investigation, the above couple, having their two minor children with them, traveled by I.X.E. car to the house of a 52-year-old citizen, in the area of ​​Dendropotamos, in order to obtain narcotics. During the buying and selling, the 32-year-old removed from the house two (2) additional packages of heroin with a total weight of (160) grams and tried to escape with his vehicle, but was pursued by the 52-year-old and his three sons, aged 35, 28 and 22. years old and was located near the KTEL junction, where the perpetrators using physical violence caused him bodily harm, while they transported the 40-year-old woman and the minor children with their vehicle to the 52-year-old’s house, where they were released after an hour.

In the context of a coordinated operation, carried out in the early hours of yesterday (04-08-2024), by police officers of the Security Department of Ampelokipi – Menemeni with the assistance of police officers of the Department of Prevention and Suppression of Crime and the Sub-Directorate of Narcotics Prosecution of the Directorate of Security of Thessaloniki, at the homes of the 52-year-old and his sons, the 28-year-old was located and arrested.

In addition, the citizen couple was also arrested for violating the drug laws, while their minor children were taken to a city hospital.

Those arrested, with the case filed against them, will be taken to the competent judicial authorities.”

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