Healthy Diet and Natural Exercise to Prevent Constipation and Dementia

2023-09-02 01:18:45

Warning! Constipation risk dementia early. The latter was found to be associated with intestinal microflora. Dr. Theerawat reveals that it is the reason to focus on healthy food, vegetables, fruits, fiber, reduce meat, but eat fish instead, along with natural exercise.

constipationRefusing to take a picture is a symptom that can occur for many reasons. The main reasons are improper behavior such as eating less fiber, drinking less water, not exercising or not being physically active. holding back stools often

In which up to 50% of people with constipation are caused by these behaviors.

However, constipation can affect other diseases as well.

Most recently, Prof. Dr. Theerawat Hemajutha (Doctor Theerawat), director of the Center for Emerging Disease Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, posted a personal Facebook page. (Theerawat Hemchutha Thiravat Hemachudha) with a message about constipation and other diseases that

constipation, inadequate defecation, dementia

Following people who had been constipated for three days or more showed early dementia. Equivalent to 3 years old brain

(significantly worse cognition, equivalent to 3.0 years more of cognitive aging).

It was found to be associated with increased intestinal microflora that produces inflammatory substances.

Report at the Alzheimer’s Dementia Conference, Amsterdam, July 2023.
And that’s why it’s important to focus on a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, fiber, cut back on meat, eat fish instead, and of course, move naturally. Walk, walk, walk, not moderate to intense cardio. If age and physical condition do not allow

or there is already a risk of having a stroke in the brain or heart, which exercises more intensely will cause further clogging of the arteries

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It has also been found that the use of any type of laxative increases the risk of dementia.

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