Heard in the first dialogue after the verdict: I don’t blame them, and Deb is a “terrific actor”

Actress Amber Heard says she can’t blame the jury’s defamation case, calling her ex-husband Johnny Depp a “terrific actor.”

Heard spoke in an interview with “NBC News”, which will be broadcast later Yahoo News Some of what it said: “I don’t blame them (the jury). I really get it. He’s a likable character and people feel like they know him. Depp is a great actor.”

The jury, which included five men and two women, concluded after three days of deliberation that Heard had slandered Depp in the article she published in 2018, asserting that she had been subjected to domestic violence while they were still married.

Her decision stipulated that the actress must pay 10 million dollars in compensation to Deeb and 5 million dollars in punitive damages.

The ruling came after the commission heard, since last April 11, many testimonies and recordings that revealed details of their private lives, including offensive text messages, humiliating photos and violent attacks, recorded during the honeymoon that followed their marriage or against the background of excessive alcohol and drug use.

The court received wide media coverage around the world, and launched hashtags on the communication sites, most of which were in solidarity with Deeb.

In the interview, Heard expressed her annoyance with the media coverage, especially on social media, and described it as not being “fair”, and said: “Even if you think I’m lying, you can’t look me in the eye and tell me there was fair representation. You can’t tell me that you think That was fair.”

A spokesperson for Heard told Yahoo that Depp and his team flooded the media for several days after the ruling with numerous statements and interviews, and “Heard simply intended to respond to what they did aggressively last week, and she did so by expressing her thoughts and feelings, which she was not allowed to do much.” from the witness stand.

Heard’s attorney, Elaine Charlesson Bredehoft, said Depp’s legal team “demonized” Heard during the hearing, and questioned the jury’s ability to avoid seeing social media headlines about the case.

She added, “It was awful. It (the coverage) was really lopsided in Depp’s favour.”

For their part, Depp’s lawyers rejected the accusations of launching a campaign to defame Heard on the Internet, saying that this matter was “completely unfounded… and categorically wrong.”

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