Hideo Kojima scolded Norman Reedus for the “sequel to Death Stranding”

This week Norman Ridus in an interview confirmedwho is working on a sequel Death Stranding – little details about the project. It is only known that its creation began relatively recently.
The game has not yet been officially presented, so I could not get past such a premature announcement Hideo Kodzima. Developer posted a tweet with old photos where he keeps Lucilleweapon Nigana from “Walking Dead”, threatening her with Reedus, who plays Daryl in the same series.

Despite everything, there is a good, warm relationship between Kojima and Reedus – evidence of this and another old photo published by the developer.

As for the sequel to Death Stranding, we will wait for a full-fledged announcement – optimists can count on the fact that a small video of the game will be shown on The Game Awards December. After all, the organizer and host of the show Jeff Keely He is also friends with Kojima.

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